AI in agriculture

Agri-based intelligence is no longer skin deep. Advanced satellite imagery, extensive historical and real-time data about land composition, along with detailed weather and climate forecasts help food growers and businesses track, monitor and evaluate every aspect of cultivation.

Why Do You Need AI in Agriculture

  • Farmer/Plot Lending Risk Assessment

    Mitigate risks, make well-informed lending decisions, and expand your portfolio with confidence using leading-edge technologies & ground-truth data.

  • Sourcing and Procurement Planning

    Detect crops, estimate acreage, monitor crop health, forecast the yield & do much more to strengthen your supply chain.

  • Smart Sampling Points for Crop-Cutting Experiments

    Optimise crop cutting experiments using smart, scientific sampling points to make yield prediction more accurate, and process insurance disbursement with more efficiency using accurate ground-truth data.

  • Agri-Market Intelligence

    Get deep, actionable insights on crops and farm plots at a regional level to optimise costs and business operations, and strengthen market linkages across the agri-ecosystem.

  • Water Monitoring & Conservation

    Leverage our AI-powered platform to promote sustainable use of water by assessing parameters including regional weather, precipitation, and water stress.

What Makes CropIn’s AI Platform The Only Decision Intelligence Solution You Will Ever Need?

CropIn’s AI Platform
  • Crop Detection & Acreage Estimation

    Crop detection and acreage estimation at a plot, pincode, district, state and country level

  • Advanced Real-time Crop and Plot Assessment

    Advanced real-time crop and plot assessment through crop detection, crop health analysis, yield forecasts, mandi or market price and expected farmer agricultural income

  • Water & Drought Stress Assessment
  • Farmer and Plot Performance Index
  • Aggregate Loan Portfolio Performance
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CropIn’s AI Platform
Plot Performance Index
Water & Drought Assessment
Crop Detection & Acreage Estimation
Advanced Real-time Crop and Plot Assessment

Impact Numbers

0.2 Trillion





Crop Varieties



What Can AI-Led Agriculture Help You Achieve?

  • Up to 30% reduction in NPA

    Arrive at data-driven decisions based on plot risk assessment and preemptively assess NPAs.

  • Optimised Agri-Input Sales & Distribution

    Achieve farm-level crop detection and crop health assessment to assess agri-input requirements and optimise sales strategies for that region..

  • Accurate Results in 50x less time

    Leverage real-time plot-level data (both historic and predictive) & monitor each loan portfolio remotely to cut down significantly ontime, money and manual labour.

  • Improved High-quality Yield

    Identify and mitigate plot risks at the right time to cut down on crop losses and improve the quality of harvest.