We Just Got a Makeover and its all over Our Walls!

We Just Got A Makeover And Its All Over Our Walls

The Offbeat Fusion of Art with
Agriculture and Technology

It is the most wonderful time of a new year, and at CropIn it is doubly so. We are at that point on the calendar when we hang up our colourful stockings and get ready to take stock of all the good that filled the year. We were lucky to have quite a few highs this year, and our successes provide ready proof that we are well on our way to redefine the Agri-tech space with our innovative agri-tech solutions.

Before we bid adieu to the wonderful 2018, there is something that we want to share with you. Some fantastic work that has been making jaws drop every single time someone steps into the CropIn office. You sure can’t miss this feast for the eyes that is defining the CropIn swag.

An Inspired Workforce
Starts with an Energized

Research suggests that a whopping one-third of our life is spent at our workplace. If you are looking to motivate employees to put in their life’s best work during those hours, then you give them the best environment to make that a reality. This was pretty much the thought behind the office makeover project that we kicked off in the month of October.

We knew what we wanted right from the start. As a young company that is increasingly making an impact in the agri-tech world, we wanted our walls to encapsulate our journey so far and at the same time, present a vivid illustration of our vision for the future.

One of the most obvious examples of meticulous planning in agriculture is the story of coffee production. From bean to cup, the journey of the coffee bean is a fascinating example of traceability where every step is just as important as the last. Each bean goes from being a ruby-coloured dot that is carefully nurtured and methodically processed till it lands up in a glorious steaming cuppa at your favourite café. It offers the perfect analogy to how CropIn’s technology helps streamline the production process for our customers and generate an overall impact for the end consumer. It is not surprising that the story of the humble coffee bean found a place of honour in our technology bay. After all, that is where all the magic happens, and our products are brought to life.

Storytelling Through Art

Each of our walls narrates a story.

Of course, each story is presented in a way that is unique to us, but just as important is using the story-wall as a means to share our driving philosophy with everyone who visits our office.

One of the best examples of this is the detailed wall art that graces the entrance of the seating area for our sales and customer success employees. A visual representation of farm-to-fork traceability, it takes you through the journey of any given produce right from when it was a seed to when it reaches its final destination. Aptly titled ‘Root Trace’, it captures the relevance of why CropIn came to exist in the first place. Farm-to-fork traceability is at the centre of our technology and how it can impact the agricultural process.

With a global pantry at our disposal, there is no way of knowing where your food comes from unless it is tracked right from the origin. The benefits of food traceability are obvious — consistent tracking helps in maintaining a record of the produce as it travels through the supply chain allowing manufacturers to establish a stringent quality check process, and ensure complete control on the food production process that will build brand credibility. At the centre of it all is the empowered consumer who is more aware than ever and wants to know everything about the source of their food.

CropIn’s suite of products helps customers keep track of their produce at every stage, depending on the needs of their business. With a comprehensive package of solutions that cover everything from pre-production farm management and cultivation to warehousing and sales, we’ve got it all. With the Root Trace wall, we have packaged the story of traceability into a bite-sized information nugget and translated it to art on our walls.

Growth by Numbers

There are few things that drive you to work harder than getting up close and personal with success metrics on a regular basis. To keep our numbers at quick recall (and giving us an ego-boost when we need it) we have made these numbers a part of our walls, too!

While the burgeoning sales metrics and booming customer base are clear indicators of our success, CropIn’s story is about a lot more than that. Staying true to our commitment of changing the way the world grows food, the numbers on our wall also include other aspects such as the impact of digital penetration in agriculture or how technology is helping farmers at the ground level.

Bright, inspirational, and filled with positive energy, a cursory glance at the wall before the start of a busy day provides ample motivation to keep us innovating and pushing boundaries as we disrupt the Agri-tech space, one day at a time.

Kick Back, Relax and Unwind

We have saved our most-loved and ultra-carefully executed wall for the last. Once we are done with a full day’s work and ready to relax, there is one place that is right on top of everyone’s list and it is the office cafeteria. With elements that capture every stage of our locally made success story, the cafeteria walls showcase a perfect mix of our achievements, combined with our vision for the future.

It is necessary to be inspired, in order to build a future that is filled with impact. Accolades find a worthy place of prominence on the wall, as they reveal a timeline that enunciates our journey so far.

A locally made technology company that has its heart in the right place, we are all about the endless opportunities made possible with technological innovations in agriculture.

You are the salt of the earth, the wall gently whispers to the viewer as he sips his evening coffee.

Indeed, you are.

Wishing a great 2019. Cheers and Love!

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