• 596Acres Audited

  • 73 TonnesHarvest(Received)

  • 452Farmers

Digitally Transforming And Creating A Traceable Rice Value Chain

About 2SCALE

2SCALE incubates and accelerates inclusive businesses through partnerships with companies (African/Dutch small- and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs) and producer organizations (POs) that want to build commercially viable strategies in African food industries through sustainable sourcing, based on mutually beneficial relations with smallholder farmers and other local micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs); and/ or by serving local and regional Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) markets with nutritious food products.

The Challenges

2SCALE currently supports three business champions in Côte d’Ivoire (Also known as Ivory Coast), including a syndicate of 5 rice millers. These millers mainly work with networks of smallholder farmers who have limited access to quality farm inputs and services resulting in low farm productivity. There was a need for a digital solution to properly organize farmer data which makes planning, extension delivery, training, and other advisory services easy to implement. The millers also had challenges managing quality (especially aflatoxin) which is exacerbated by the lack of a traceability solution. 2SCALE sought to address these hurdles in its rice production, procurement and reporting processes to strengthen management and facilitate digitization of their farmer databases.

Project Objective

The general objective is to help the rice millers to digitize farmer profiles and field operations to improve farmer management, efficient procurement, and staff accountability.

Specific objectives include:

  • Collate relevant data including biodata, household information and farm information of 500 farmers including 20% women and 40% youth and create digital identities that can be used for planning, monitoring, and supporting the professionalization of the Producer Organizations (POs).
  • Improve the efficiency of partners’ supply chains by the digitalization of the purchasing and post-harvest processes.
  • Enable utilization of analytical capabilities of digital tools in predicting supplies, supporting decision-making processes and track the impact of activities like training and input supply.

CropIn’s Innovation

To support field operations and manage the relationship with their producers, two millers in Cote d’Ivoire (Locagri & Katio Akpa) participated in a pilot project with CropIn for a period of 12 months. The project implemented CropIn’s end-to-end digital platform – SmartFarm mobile application for digitally profiling 500 farmers, facilitating field staff activities, supporting farmer advisory and managing the procurement of produce. Specific operations the application was implemented was for are –

  • Farmer & Plot Digitization
  • Geo-tagging & Area Audits of the farm
  • Crop & it’s variety configuration/selection
  • Monitoring on Crop Stages
  • Current Practices adhered in the farm for the crop
  • Advisories to be followed by the farmer while implementing the practices at different stages of the crop
  • Pest and disease management practices.

SmartFarm® is an end-to-end farm data management solution that monitors all processes leading up to harvest. The solution leverages ground-truth data, weather advisory, and accurate insights based on satellite monitoring to enable data-driven farm and business operations. By tracking, managing and monitoring every step — from input to execution — all in one place, SmartFarm® helps achieve efficiency and improves traceability and output predictability.

Some of the other notable features that aided the digitisation activities include:

  • An offline mode that enables data collection even in the absence of internet connectivity in remote locations
  • Multilingual support in 15+ regional languages, which simplifies the company’s communication with users in countries where English is not the primary language
  • High levels of data encryption to provide security and preserve privacy.

The Result

In the first 6 months of the pilot, key information on 452  smallholder farmers was captured into the CropIn’s platform and periodic farm audits are performed on the rice crop using the SmartFarm mobile application. Data from the platform enabled Locagri and Katio Akpa to visualize where their farmer plots are based, to tag areas under crop and get predictions of the rice harvest.

The Impact

  • Crop – Rice
  • Geography – Agboville location (Ivory Coast), Hambol location(Ivory Coast)
  • Farmers registered – 452
  • Plots – 459
  • Area – 596 Acres
  • Harvest (Received) – 73 Tonnes
  • Harvest (Target) – 1716.4 Tonnes

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Agboville location (Ivory Coast), Hambol location (Ivory Coast)

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