• 21,624+Hectares Audited

  • 272Employees

  • 14,200+Farmers

Enabling Precision & Sustainability For One Of The Largest Seed Companies In The World-Increasing Yield And Creating Opportunities For Smallholder  Farmers

About East-West Seed

East-West Seed is a privately-owned Dutch company that is one of the largest vegetable seed companies in the world and a producer of an assortment of hybrids and open-pollinated seeds. 

East-West Seed is the market leader for tropical vegetable seeds in Asia. It develops, produces and markets hybrid tropical vegetable seeds. The company has developed its business over the last four decades using superior vegetable breeding combined with a carefully cultivated and nurtured relationship with local farmers wherever it operates. The company holds strong market positions in Asia and is rapidly expanding in Africa and Latin America.

East-West Seed is presently enhancing its business operations and the technology they use. While the organisation has been extremely successful in their endeavours as a seed company in the last 39 years, they envision the crux of business transformation in their need to change the way they operate and in the way they make the best use of modern technologies.

The Challenges

The organisation faced the following challenges and there was an urgent need for digitization to help the company in their efforts to increase yield per acre.

  • Cumbersome and cost-ineffective process of the field agents to capture data
  • Loss of data due to manual data collection through forms
  • Lack of accurate means to measure performance of each seed variety
  • Lack of visibility on the activities of the field staff
  • Difficulty in monitoring the quantity of agrochemicals used by farmers
  • Inconsistent metrics on seed performance across value chain

CropIn’s Innovation

EWS has partnered with CropIn to implement SmartFarmTM for its operations in six regions across Asia – Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam. The goal of the partnership is to achieve –

  • Visibility of Seed Varieties & Field Operations
    • Analysing various metrics to substantiate grades with respect to seed varieties
    • Measure performance of each seed variety in different soil or agro-climatic conditions
    • Overview of field officers and growers  
  • Production Accuracy
    • Maintain production growth rates and grower efficiencies 
    • Set preemptive protocols to gain insights into seed performance and track it across the value chain

SmartFarm®is an end-to-end farm data management solution that monitors all processes leading up to harvest. The solution leverages ground-truth data, weather advisory, and accurate insights based on satellite monitoring to enable data-driven farm and business operations. By tracking, managing and monitoring every step — from input to execution — all in one place, SmartFarm® helps achieve efficiency and improves traceability and output predictability. 

Some of the other notable features that aided the digitisation activities include:

  • An offline mode that enables data collection even in the absence of internet connectivity in remote locations
  • Multilingual support in 15+ regional languages, which simplifies the company’s communication with users in countries where English is not the primary language
  • High levels of data encryption to provide security and preserve privacy

The Impact

  • Regions – Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam
  • 14,200+  Farmers Registered
  • 272 Field Staff Empowered
  • 35+ Crops And 400+ Crop Varieties Recorded
  • 21,624+ Hectares Of Area Audited

Watch East-West Seed’s Shijo Joseph Talk How CropIn’s Data Insights Is Transforming Their Business Strategies




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