• 2,500plots digitized

  • 828farmers impacted

  • 90%adoption rate

To Increase Visibility On Farm Operations & Ensure Adoption of Best Package of Practices For Maximizing Per Acre Value

About McCain

One of the world’s largest producers of potato specialties companies based in India. CropIn partnered with them to digitize the record keeping, analysis of plots, monitoring the practices, and control the amount and quality of chemical inputs. Since 1998, McCain has been engaged in agriculture R&D and in development of frozen food market in India and the subcontinent. McCain products are used by leading fast food chains, hotels, restaurants, catering companies and are popular for in-home consumption.

It is their constant endeavour to create good food that is delightfully fresh. In order to maintain an impeccable standard of quality, they use the highest quality ingredients. Their products are prepared simply with wholesome ingredients made by good people who care about delivering.

McCain Farm Management

The Challenges

McCain leases plots for farming and has over 2500+ plots spread across an area of about over 5500 acres. As a general practice, the company recorded farm data manually and qualified plots as suitable/unsuitable for farming based on these paper records. It is because of this manual process that multiple inconsistent entries were created leading to confusion and incoherence. Due to the lack of monitoring processes, the farmers were not following any activity schedule or best practices. Monitoring practices such as dehaulming & rouging, adoption of right package of practices & the right inputs and visibility of field activities were some of the more serious challenges faced by the company. McCain was on the lookout for a complete farm management solution to resolve its various issues.

The Solution

  • As McCain scouted for a digitally fortified management solution for the farms, CropIn stepped in to develop a tailor made solution for the same
  • CropIn audited all the Plots and geo tagged them to find the actual plot area
  • Remote Sensing and Weather Advisory from CropIn helped in detection of dew point, rainfall, frost, blight and other challenges related to dehaulming
  • CropIn helped gather complete information for farmer registration till the end of the harvest
  • CropIn helped in scheduling and monitoring farm activities to implement complete traceability
  • CropIn helped educate farmers on adoption of right package of practices and inputs
  • CropIn helped devise systems for monitoring crop health and harvest estimation
  • Alert (pest, diseases etc.) resolution & quick advisory was developed by CropIn

The Result

  • Timely Dehaulming in of plots
  • All the plots were audited and geo-tagged
  • Comprehensive set of Package of Practices were defined and scheduled
  • Complete traceability across farm operations was achieved
  • 6,100 acres of farmland digitised

With Smartfarm application of CropIn, the management gets real time view of the farm activities helping us in taking immediate corrective actions. Two biggest value adds of CropIn to us are weather analysis and database collection per crop cycle.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh

McCain Foods, India




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  • Inconsistency in Farm & Farmer data
  • Poor Adoption of Right PoPs
  • Lack of Visibility On Field Operations

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