Smart Farm Casestudy - Plexus
  • 180field agents trained

  • 40,000farmers impacted

  • 30,000hectares digitised

Automating Processes to Boost Efficiency
in Cotton Production

About Plexus

The customer is an agribusiness specializing in cotton farming and trading. They partner with various players along the agri supply chain to ensure sustainable practices while maximizing profit. This particular project in Mozambique involved working with small holder farmers to ensure sustainable utilization of resources while maintaining complete traceability for CMIA (Cotton Made in Africa) certification. In this endeavour, they partnered with Technoserve.

Technoserve is a non-profit organization that operates in 29 countries. It aims to create lasting prosperity for people in developing countries by linking them to information, capital and markets.

In 2016, Technoserve chose CropIn as its technology partner for the project.

plexus Cotton Production Growth Success

The Challenges

One of the major challenges facing the cotton industry today is the low income farmers derive from ttlem is exacerbated by the fact that most of the cotton is grown by smallholder farmers and it is difficult to organize the sector. In this regard, sustainability of practices is essential to help give small farmers more value for their labour.

As part of their operations in Mozambique, Plexus wanted to work with smallholder
farmers to ensure ideal utilization of resources, while maintaining full traceability for CMIA (Cotton Made in Africa) certification.

The objective was to digitize 40,000 farmers working on 30,000 hectares of land.

The Solution

The primary objective of the customer was to successfully monitor the output of field agents and ensure minimum wastage of resources during seed, chemical and bag distribution.

Smartfarm provided an efficient solution by putting 40,000 farmers and their harvest data on a single platform, as well as training more than 180 field officers to update their activities on the app and aid farmers better through satellite and weather input based crop advisory.

The Result

  • 40,000+ farmers digitized from seed to sale
  • Over 180 field agents trained and active on SmartFarm
  • Digital record keeping brought transparency, accountability and ease of doing business
  • Seed and chemical distribution data continuously being collected from end users for assessment
  • Crop advisory set up to help farmers during instances of weather risks, pest
    infestations and outbreak of disease



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  • Ensure adoption of sustainable practices
  • Optimize utilization of agri-resources
  • Complete traceability for Cotton Made in Africa (CMIA) certification

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