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Comprehensive Crop Planning Platform

Enable the digitization of complex processes & workflows that span the complete lifecycle of a seed from the farm, to a warehouse, all the way up to the fork

Cropin Grow - Farm Management Software

Cropin Grow
(SmartFarm Plus)

Maximize per acre value with a Farm digitisation and business intelligence solution

CRM-Suite- Farm Management Software

A complete Farm ERP & CRM Suite

Monitoring- Farm Management Software

Monitoring and managing farms was never this easy

cultivation-process- Farm Management Software

Save time and minimize errors with a digitized cultivation process

profitability- Farm Management Software

Make data-driven decisions to improve farm productivity and profitability

Cropin Connect- Farm Management Software

Cropin Connect

Help growers make timely decisions and take actions to maximise per acre value

Record- Farm Management Software

Record all in-field activities

Enable- Farm Management Software

Enable Package-of-Practices adherence

warning-alerts- Farm Management Software

Timely help or warning alerts

standard-services- Farm Management Software

Provide easy access to inputs & standard services

FMS-cropin-trace - Farm Management Software

Cropin Trace

Access new markets and build consumer trust with seed to shelf traceability

reward-farmers - Farm Management Software

Recognize and reward farmers

traceability- Farm Management Software

Get end-to-end traceability of your farm operations

supply-chain - Farm Management Software

Improve sourcing, supply chain & production

food-safety- Farm Management Software

Ensure food safety

Improve-profitability- Farm Management Software

Improve profitability

Farm Digitalization Success Stories

East-West Seed implemented our Farm Management Solution across 6 countries and successfully digitized farms and farmer profiles leading to:

  • 14,000+ farmers registered
  • 35+ crops and 400+ crop varieties recorded
  • 21,000+ hectares of area audited

2Scale implemented Farm Management Solution to digitize and standardize operations in Cote d'lvoire for rice millers.

  • Drove farmers registrations
  • Improved yield and acreage
  • Streamlined the supply chain

Partnering with Safaricom, Mercy Corps AgriFin leveraged Farm Management Solution for its DVA (Digital Village Advisors) Program in Kenya

  • 3,600+ DVAs trained to onboard and engageover 100,000 farmers' data digitally
  • Enable remote monitoring of 97,239 plots across Kenya
  • Audited over 928,940 acres of farmland for multiple crops

Sustain Farm Productivity with Farm Data Management

Key Features

  • Geotag farm plots
  • Detect crops
  • Monitor input usage
  • Share weather-related advisory
  • Monitor crop health remotely
  • Set pest and disease alerts
  • Manage alerts and activity log
  • Set up workflows and tasks for the field team
  • Customizable buisness intelligence dashboard & reporting


  • Complete farm digitization
  • Improved data capture accuracy
  • Traceability and output predictability
  • Increased farm productivity
  • Improved profitability
  • Adherence to the package of practices
  • Improved yield quality and quantity
  • Monitoring of carbon credits
  • Reduced cost of operations

Crop Planning Software

Everything you wanted to know

What is Crop Planning Software?

Crop Planning Software is an application that helps to better understand the costs and variables that impact and affect overall crop profitability. It enables farmers to monitor crop performance, adhere to sustainability practices and improve crop performance.

Features of Crop Planning Software

Crop planning delves into what, where, when and which plants to grow while considering the sunshine, space, water availability, time for maturation, season of planting, etc.

Crop Planning Software helps farmers and farming companies to:

  • Maintain clean, accurate, and up-to-date field and crop records
  • Monitor and optimize the crop performance
  • Accurately and precisely track crops and ensure farm-to-fork traceability
  • Drive real-time data-driven decision making
  • Optimize use of agri-inputs
  • Provides alerts on weather and pests and diseases

Who uses Crop Planning Software? 

  • Individual farmers, growers
  • Agronomists
  • Farming companies
  • Supervisors and field managers
  • Government and development agencies

Trends in Crop Planning Software

Crop Planning Software specifically focuses on streamlining and monitoring the performance of crop and food supply chain lifecycle. It helps to modernize and optimize farming activities. Some of the trends in Crop Planning Software are:

  • Use of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), to accurately predict yields before harvesting
  • Use of technology enabled sensors to monitor crop health
  • Technology driven weather monitoring to guide the year’s variety selection, yield and planning

Emerging technologies in Crop Planning Software

  • Data integration that provides insights to farmers about yields, input costs, soil type, and weather conditions, which alter their planting
  • Modern tools and technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data) to better handle extreme weather events (heavy rainfalls and droughts) that affect crops
  • Use of on-field sensors for instantaneous and accurate determination of wind, rainfall, and temperature metrics. This data can be combined with data management software to guide farmers with pesticide use, irrigation, and harvesting windows