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About us

CropIn At Bangalore is an Earth Observation & AI Led AgTech organization that empowers the farming community to re-imagine Agriculture. We are focused on helping the world’s Ag-ecosystem players to sustainably “maximize their per acre value” by combining pixel-level data derived from Satellite imagery, in combination with IoT and field intelligence. We are well positioned as the Agtech leader with access to farms, technology, data and talent. We are building a team of scientists from AI, Earth Observation, Agriculture, Meteorology to Computer Sciences, all collaborating together to bring meaningful insight to improve the Ag-ecosystem and impact the livelihood of a farmer.

Funded by Chiratae Ventures, formerly known as IDG Ventures India, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

CropIn is one of the only two Indian companies listed by Deloitte in the index under the Clean Technology Segment under Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500.

CropIn’s Farm Management Solution, was declared as the winner of the ‘Best Farm
Management Innovation Solution of the Year’ at the AgTech Breakthrough Awards 2020 and as the winner in the “Bring Your Own Agriculture Data Challenge” category, as part of the 2020 Innovation Challenge for Food Security & Agriculture Risk Financing, organised by The World Bank.

Team Earth Observation and AI Science:

The focus of this team is to bring the recent innovations in Machine Learning, Earth Observation Science, Agriscience to the AgTech space and with the aim of solving the world’s problems in a sustainable manner. Our mission is to accelerate the use of EO & AI for social good.

Data Scientist in Team AI-Science

The team is looking for a Data Scientist who is passionate about solving problems in Satellite Imaging and in the AI space, and for the social good. The candidate will be working with a team of AI Data & ML Engineers/Scientists, subject matter experts (SME) and business teams. In this role, the data scientist will develop innovative ideas to build prototype and proof-of-concept AI models. He/She will have experience in handling and training on large datasets/big data using GPU-distributed training, cloud compute or HPC clusters. Good exposure to working on problems in optimization,statistics, machine learning and deep learning. Proficiency in image processing and experience in
handling satellite remote sensing images will be beneficial.

Essential Education

Preferably PhD or at least Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Applied Statistics, or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

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