CropIn Features in AgroSpectrum Magazine’s Issue Focused on Technology and its Impact on Agriculture Sector

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June 2020 – CropIn features in the June issue of AgroSpectrum, an AgTech magazine issued by MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications. The theme of the magazine’s June issue was ‘Technology – A Game Changer for Agro Sector’ and the issue featured Kunal Prasad (COO, CropIn). The issue featured CropIn’s exclusive interview where he shared his views on many issues including challenges in the digital farming solutions market in India.

Kunal Prasad, when asked about the impact and importance of digital solutions in Agriculture was quoted saying, “Digital solutions act as a channel between buyers and the farmers by providing a platform to communicate the needs and understand the sources well. For farmers, digital farming solutions are like the mentors; they provide actionable insights by analysing data accurately and form a knowledge repository for the farmers to make them future-ready. Digital technologies also have made it possible for the farmer and the buyer to have a direct business relationship, and eliminate the middleman.”

Kunal also threw light on the difficulties faced by the farmers and the challenges in the agritech sector in India. He also stressed on the role of AgTech in improving farmer livelihoods being key to accelerating growth in Indian agriculture and overcoming agriculture challenges. When asked about the future of farming, he said, “AI powered indoor agriculture is tempting a whole new breed of farmers into the agri space”.

Agrospectrum India is an integrated B2B premiere magazine for Agribusiness and Agro-perspectives. It is a popular platform that analyses various agricultural aspects and sectoral issues and brings in thoughtful insights from the stalwarts of the AgTech space.


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