CropIn Features in Forbes for being Pioneers in the Agritech Space

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August 2020 – CropIn is featured in Forbes article on how Agritech companies can save India from its fragmented farm-to-fork supply chain. The article began with the focus on the effects of the global pandemic that has majorly impacted the demand aspect of agriculture which had been fairly consistent and how the unseen vagaries of the pandemic have disrupted the agri-supply chain. Speaking of how India’s fresh food supply chain is one of the most fragmented ones in the world, the article threw light on how technology can be leveraged to solve this ongoing crisis.

The article then progressed into how the situation now has generated a renewed investor interest in digital technologies that will play a crucial role in building resilience in Indian agriculture and stressed on the role of AgTech solution providers in it. Forbes India believes that a clutch of Agritech startups and its VC backers are betting that it can be organised with technology, as agriculture begins a revival amid the pandemic.

CropIn was given a highlighted mention in the article as a venture that helps agribusinesses to efficiently manage their farms and maximise their productivity through data-driven insights, and connecting all the stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem effectively. Ritu Verma, Co-Founder at Ankur Capital, says, “Thanks to solution providers like CropIn, agribusinesses can move towards functioning normally even during testing times like the current global scenario. Banks can monitor farmers they have lent to, processors can work with farmers, and still continue to engage digitally.”

Krishna Kumar, CEO and Founder of CropIn spoke about the venture, “CropIn focuses on artificial intelligence and data analytics-based software for agribusinesses globally, providing real-time advisory for crops based on local weather information and high-resolution satellite imagery analytics. It also provides solutions for yield-risk mitigation and forecasting, in addition to the farm-to-fork traceability and input channel management.”


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