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Published as on 3 July 2019

CropIn Technology has been announced as the winner of Rainforest Alliance’s Sat4Farming Challenge. This is the first-ever international Agtech Developer Challenge run by the Rainforest Alliance to discover innovative remote-sensing data products that enormously benefits cocoa farmers globally.

Sat4Farming is an initiative that employs digital technology and satellite imagery to create digital individualised Farm Development Plans (FDPs) that guide farmers over a seven-year period. In order to expand the reach of FDPs to even more farmers – the Rainforest Alliance held the Ag-Tech Developer Challenge, a competition to create a remote sensing data product to support smallholder farmers with the mobile-enabled FDPs.

CropIn Technology participated in the challenge competing against various other international Agtech contenders. Following a stringent evaluation process, CropIn was declared as the winner, receiving an investment of €100,000 to develop a digital farming platform CocoaSense.

“We are excited to partner with Rainforest Alliance under the SAT4Farming program to provide the technological know-how and co-develop a digital platform that aims to enhance the livelihoods of smallholder cocoa farmers in Ghana. This allows them to manage and monitor their plantations in a more accurate, affordable and scalable manner. This strategic partnership also allows us to enhance CropIn’s visibility in the African region,” said Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO of CropIn.

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