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climate smart agriculture whitepaper

Success Snapshots

Dive into our case studies to witness the impact of our solutions


Gebana partnered with Cropin to enable farmers produce quality yield and deliver certified organic produce in Europe.

  • 100% digitization of farm data across 22000+ hectares 
  • Certification program for producers
  • Weather alerts, real-time insights, and advisories for 8000+ farmers 

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Loacker implemented Cropin Cloud to digitize their farms while driving sustainability to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers in Italy.

  • Managing 85+ farmers across 95+ plots
  • Acres of audited Area: 225+
  • Tonnes of harvest: 2000+

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Food & beverage producer

A leading F&B producer deployed Cropin Intelligence to manage its potato value chain across multiple regions in Asia.

  • 90% accuracy in Weather Prediction
  • 87% accuracy in Disease Warning 
  • 84% accuracy in Canopy Greenness 
  • 80% accuracy in Nitrogen Uptake & Water Stress Identification

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