• Maximized Production
  • Real time Advisory
  • Prosperous Farmer

Benefit of Farming companies

Farming Companies


  • Real time Visibility of Farm Activities
  • Output Predictability
  • Weather Analytics & Crop Health Monitoring
  • Farm to fork Traceability & Quality Control
  • IP protection, Compliance & Certification

Farming Companies



Farming companies are burdened by limited traceability and operational visibility along the crop cycle. The information asymmetry across the supply chain damages their output predictability as they work towards overcoming the challenges of ineffective collaboration. Traceability and operational visibility along the crop cycle is a challenge for farm management companies.



Track-and-trace tools offer quantitative and qualitative analysis of your produce from sowing till selling, for better predictability.

  • Field Archive

    Field files are archived all in one place, readable from any mobile device or desktop computer, with a detailed recording for each plot along with photos, crop type, acreage and sowing information.

  • Crop Stage Management

    Satellite based geo-tagging of plots ensures accurate prediction, with real-time updates to track the various stages of the crop. Get visual confirmation, timely alerts and customized analysis on how crops performed by zone, input, and more.

  • Remote Activity Monitoring

    Track, trace and accomplish all your daily tasks and schedules with precision. Field staff based tracking ensures that all supervisors follow the best practices on time.

  • Yield Health Advisory

    Access customized plot-based advisory modules for pest and disease resolution from a central location, along with real time harvest forecasts and estimations, to help optimize supply chain and reduce losses.

  • Micro to Macro Optimization

    Weather advisory, remote sensing, insights strengthened by machine learning and artificial intelligence adjust harvest rates to soil productivity and past field performance, so that you can avert overspending on inputs while realizing your optimal yield.

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