• Access to Finance at reduced risk
  • Better Resources
  • Prosperous Farmer

Maximizing returns of financial lending

Lending Companies

Lending Companies

  • Effective Credit Risk Assessment
  • Alternate Data for Lending
  • Farm score generation for Benchmarking
  • Reduced Cost of Operations
  • Post disbursal Monitoring and Audits at plot level

Lending Companies



  • Credit Risk Assessment due to lack of historical performance and risk profile
  • Information Asymmetry due to lack of alternate data source
  • High Cost of Operations as the lending personnel have to physically check on every farmer loan


CropIn provides Agri Alternate Data for quick and accurate decision-making.

  • Effective Credit Risk Assessment through Agri Alternate data

    Weather Risk Prediction, Plot Benchmarking using historical analysis and Yield Prediction using satellite imagery enable effective risk assessment.

  • Plot Based Monitoring System

    Proprietary machine learning algorithm built on satellite and weather data is used to give insights at plot level.

  • Loan Utilization

    Access real-time crop sowing & performance details, and track harvest cycles so that you can follow up on payments based on plot performance.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Reduced cost of operations through one step farmer KYC, pre-disbursal evaluation & post disbursal monitoring and audits.

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