Is Driving Digital Strategy the way forward to grow your Agribusiness today?

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Agriculture as we know it is undergoing a remarkable transformation and the "AgTech" is demanding the attention of agribusinesses worldwide. Join us in the webinar as we explore the scope and impact that digitization has on the otherwise conventional domain.

Who should watch the webinar

The webinar will be of utmost value to agri-leaders, decision makers, influencers, heads of IT, supply chain managers, procurement managers, banking and insurance executives, sustainability managers and CXOs of agribusinesses.

In this webinar, you'll learn

  • How digitization can increase efficiency and impact the top and bottom lines of your agribusiness
  • Current technologies used in digitization of farming practices and agribusinesses
  • Concepts including Predictability, Sustainability, Compliance, and Traceability and their impact on productivity
  • Products and solutions available in the market today to drive a digital strategy

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Jitesh Shah

Jitesh Shah

Chief Revenue Officer at CropIn Technology

Rupesh Goel

Rupesh Goel

Chief Product Officer at CropIn Technology