The COVID-19 pandemic is driving companies to reassess their approach to flexible and remote work, which presents new needs and challenges that impact the organization. Whether you work remotely often or find yourself navigating through this situation for the very first time, working at a physical distance can pose a unique set of obstacles. We are here to help!

We sharing this exclusive webinar where we'll introduce you to the best practices tailored to remote fieldwork situations. We’ll highlight specific tactics within SmartFarm, SmartRisk, and AcreSquare that you can put into practice right away. Tune in and pose your questions! Your hosts will be our leaders and industry experts experienced in helping people get the most out of our solutions!

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • Planning business continuity in times of a pandemic
  • Demonstration on how to use SmartFarm, SmartRisk, and AcreSquare platforms to work effectively wherever you are
  • Tried-and-true best practices to keep your employees and farmers engaged
  • How to keep track of plots performance, yield analysis and sending advisories and information to farmers

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Kunal Prasad

Co-founder & COO

Jitesh Shah

Chief Revenue Officer

Abishek Keerti Narayan

Director, Account Management