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Comprehensive Crop Management Platform

Enable the digitization of complex processes & workflows that span the complete lifecycle of a seed from the farm, to a warehouse, all the way up to the fork with Cropin's crop management software


Maximize per acre value with farm digitization and business intelligence solution

CRM-Suite- Farm Management Software

A complete Farm ERP & CRM Suite

Monitoring- Farm Management Software

Monitoring and managing farms was never this easy

cultivation-process- Farm Management Software

Save time and minimize errors with a digitized cultivation process

profitability- Farm Management Software

Make data-driven decisions to improve farm productivity and profitability


Help growers make timely decisions and take actions to maximize per acre value

Record- Farm Management Software

Record all in-field activities

Enable- Farm Management Software

Enable Package-of-Practices adherence

warning-alerts- Farm Management Software

Timely help or warning alerts

standard-services- Farm Management Software

Provide easy access to inputs & standard services


Access new markets and build consumer trust with seed-to-shelf traceability

reward-farmers - Farm Management Software

Recognize and reward farmers

traceability- Farm Management Software

Get end-to-end traceability of your farm operations

supply-chain - Farm Management Software

Improve sourcing, supply chain & production

food-safety- Farm Management Software

Ensure food safety

Improve-profitability- Farm Management Software

Improve profitability

Farm Digitalization Success Story

East-West Seed implemented our Farm Management Solution across 6 countries and successfully digitized farms and farmer profiles leading to:

  • 14,000+ farmers registered
  • 35+ crops and 400+ crop varieties recorded
  • 21,000+ hectares of area audited

2Scale implemented Farm Management Solution to digitize and standardize operations in Cote d'lvoire for rice millers.

  • Drove farmers registrations
  • Improved yield and acreage
  • Streamlined the supply chain

Partnering with Safaricom, Mercy Corps AgriFin leveraged Farm Management Solution for its DVA (Digital Village Advisors) Program in Kenya

  • 3,600+ DVAs trained to onboard and engageover 100,000 farmers' data digitally
  • Enable remote monitoring of 97,239 plots across Kenya
  • Audited over 928,940 acres of farmland for multiple crops

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Dynamic Crop Management Software to enable data-driven insights

Key Features

  • Geotag farm plots
  • Detect crops
  • Monitor input usage
  • Share weather-related advisory
  • Monitor crop health remotely
  • Set pest and disease alerts
  • Manage alerts and activity log
  • Set up workflows and tasks for the field team
  • Customizable buisness intelligence dashboard & reporting


  • Complete farm digitization
  • Improved data capture accuracy
  • Traceability and output predictability
  • Increased farm productivity
  • Improved profitability
  • Adherence to the package of practices
  • Improved yield quality and quantity
  • Monitoring of carbon credits
  • Reduced cost of operations

Cropin Grow (SmartFarm)

World's #1 B2B Crop Management and Monitoring solution that enables field scouting and data collection



Countries running Cropin deployments


7 Million

Number of farmers onboarded


12.4 Million

Datasets captured and monitored every month


Crop Agnostic

Works for all crop types across regions



Agri-business, development agencies and governments across the world have tried and tested



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Crop Management Software

Everything you wanted to know about a crop management solution

What is a Crop Management Software?

Imagine having a high-tech virtual assistant that helps you manage your crops with precision and ease, maximizing your yields and minimizing waste. That's essentially what a crop management software is!

It's a cutting-edge tool that enables farmers and agronomists to optimize their crop operations through smart data management. By using a crop management software, you can collect and analyze a vast array of data on your crops, from soil quality and weather patterns to crop health and growth rates. This data is then transformed into actionable insights and recommendations that can help you make informed decisions on planting, fertilizing, watering, and harvesting your crops.

With the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, crop management software can learn and adapt to your specific farm conditions, constantly improving its recommendations over time. 

A genius agronomist at your finger-tips

With a crop management software, you can achieve even greater efficiency and productivity as you continue to use it. It provides you with the latest insights and recommendations to help you achieve your crop-planting, growing, and harvesting goals.

Features of a Crop Management Software

A comprehensive crop management software leverages AI, ML, remote-sensing, and telecommunications technologies to drive accelerated agricultural and rural transformation to strengthen smallholder farmers and develop institutional resilience toward climate change.

Here is a quick list of some of the most important features that enable farmers to drive yield:

  • Geotag farm plots for accountability and accurate predictability
  • Crop report and insights for easy, on-the-go reporting
  • Check on input usage
  • Satellite Input-Based weather-related Advisory
  • Remote crop health monitoring
  • Alerts for pest infestations and plant diseases
  • Management of alerts and activity logs
  • Setting workflows and tasks for the field team
  • Customizable business intelligence dashboard & reporting
  • Adherence to Compliance & Certification

Who can use Crop Management Software?

Individual farmers and organizations across the agriculture supply chain reap benefits from farm digitalization with crop management software. Organizations include farming companies, food businesses, developmental organizations, and even Government agencies.

The end users in these organizations are:

  • C-Suite
  • Supervisors and Field Leaders
  • Individual farmers, growers
  • Agronomists
  • Farming companies
  • Supervisors and field managers
  • Government and development agencies

Trends in the Crop Management Software Space

With advancements in technology and data analytics, crop management software is becoming more sophisticated and efficient than ever before. The latest trends in crop management software include the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which enable the software to learn and adapt to specific farming conditions, resulting in optimized crop yields.

Additionally, cloud-based software solutions are allowing for real-time data monitoring, which provides farmers with immediate insights into their crop health and growth. Furthermore, mobile apps and smart sensors are becoming increasingly popular, allowing farmers to remotely monitor their crops and make informed decisions from anywhere. Finally, many software providers are incorporating sustainability and environmental considerations into their products, which can help farmers reduce waste and minimize their impact on the environment.

The drivers for growth in the global crop management software market are as under:

  • Increasing global demand for food
  • Growing awareness related to digital technologies to boost farm productivity
  • Government support
  • Emerging technologies

Emerging Crop Management Software Technologies

The following three technologies are adding greater depth to crop management software capabilities.

  • Drones in agriculture: Aerial view of the farm and geo-tagging the farm better are some of the obvious enhancements of drones. Additionally, drones when used for seed and fertilizer dispersal can give accurate utilization numbers thereby improving demand planning and supply chain management.
  • Crop Image Recognition: Imagine taking a decision to harvest a crop by looking at the crop's image from miles away. That is crop image recognition for you. Image recognition sensors are making crop planning much easier and letting farmers work from home.
  • Machine Learning: Farm management software collects millions of data point pixels across various steps in the farming process. The machine learning layers aggregate all these data points to make intelligent decisions around probable crop yields in the future. It would be insightful to know the yield prediction even before the season starts.

Leverage Cropin's Crop Planning Solution to deliver bottom-line benefits

Cropin's crop management software helps you with the following to become your one-stop destination for all your farm management needs

  • Track activities, cost of operations, and ownership of Farm Resources
  • Replicate projects every season without modifying farmer and plot details all over again
  • Streamline workflow processes for labor, resources, and equipment
  • Automate cost analysis, operations, and payments
  • Integrate an existing ERP/other platforms for a complete hierarchical overview
  • Split plots into any number of sections and manage them independently per season
  • Create plans, add activities and capture data for Crop Variety and Sub Variety

What customers say about our Crop Management Software

Digitization of 100,000+ farmers and accurate geo-mapping of plots

Cropin helped us implement SmartFarm in Kenya for our funded project with Safaricom to provide better agri-services to farmers. We are highly impressed with the training Cropin provided to our team and the continued support we have received since then.

Leesa Shrader

Program Director at AgriFin Accelerate

Accurate, real-time data for stakeholders and enhanced engagement with farmers

Cropin’s SmartFarm platform has been key in helping us digitize farm data to monitor and manage our farms from anywhere. One of the added values of Cropin is the accessibility of its team, who have been supportive of our vision and role in the sector since the very beginning.

Jaskiran Warrik

Former Director, South Asia

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