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Agriculture Technology- Empowering Farmers

Despite the application of around two million tonnes of pesticides, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), 20-40% of the global crop yields are lost to pests and diseases. ...

Mitigate supply chain challenges in food production with Data

Technology has become sufficiently ubiquitous, and the food industry has automated its processes to address various challenges. However, just implementing technology and collecting data would remain

Towards Zero-Carbon Farms and Climate Change Mitigation

The role of the agriculture sector in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is known widely, but it is not well understood. The fact that nearly one-quarter of the total anthropogenic GHG emissions occur because of ...

Decreasing environmental impact and increasing economic returns with Cropin

Agriculture is the world's largest industry and an estimated 1.1 billion people are engaged in agriculture globally. The agricultural sector plays a crucial role in a country’s economic growth. Most developing countries ...

Precision Farming Tools- Helping farmers make intelligent data-driven decisions

Food security is essential to achieving the United Nation's second Sustainable Development Goal of 'zero hunger'. A Nature Food article reviewed 57 global food security predictions to conclude that global food demand is ...

Regenerative Agriculture- Can Consumer Trends dictate how we farm?

Regenerative agriculture focuses on conserving the ecosystem through techniques that provide vitality to the soil. Consequently, it increases crop yield and improves its nutrition quotient. It incorporates several ...

Harness the Power of an Intelligent Agriculture Cloud to combat Climate Change.

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