Agcelerating for India: Revolutionising agriculture from the ground-up with data

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The true potential of India's agrarian economy can be unlocked with digital empowerment. We at Cropin, can help achieve this with crop and geo-location agnostic tech solutions that help organisations leverage real-time farm data to digitise their operations from farm to fork.

Who should watch the webinar

The webinar will be of utmost value to agri-leaders, decision makers, influencers, heads of IT, supply chain managers, procurement managers, sustainability managers and CXOs of agribusinesses that include Crop Protection Companies, Seed Companies CPG Companies & Retailers, F&B Exports/Contract Farming Food Processors and Commodity Traders.

In this webinar, you'll learn


  • How you can leverage data to improve yield and even forecast it
  • Smart ways to optimise cost across the agri-value chain
  • How to deliver and utilise real-time insights for better decisions
  • How to better monitor farm-level operations for better productivity
  • Effective methods to drive higher adoption of sustainable practices
  • Cropin solutions that can help you agcelerate your digital strategy

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Inesh Singh

Associate Director – Sustainability and Agriculture (ISEA)

AB InBev


Abishek Keerthi Narayan

VP of Customer Success



Rajesh Jalan

CTO & Head of Engineering


Parthiv Choudhury

Solution Specialist