AgTech For Seed Value Chain

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AgTech, in the last few years, has been playing a dynamic role in strengthening agricultural productivity and in particular, has helped the scientists & agronomists produce seeds that have improved yield and quality of harvests. As a result, farmers have a wide product choice and the seed industry today is set to work with a ‘farmer centric’ approach and is market driven.

CropIn takes immense pleasure in presenting our webinar that discusses the numerous whats, whys, and hows of the seed value chain.

Who should watch the webinar

This webinar on the ‘Seed Value Chain’ provides a substantial landscape of opportunities for agri-leaders, decision makers, influencers, heads of IT, supply chain managers, procurement managers, banking and insurance executives, sustainability managers and CXOs of agribusinesses. Additionally, various quality evaluation groups, pathologists, entomologists, nematologists and agronomists can study these entries comprehensively for factors which are important to their own discipline.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • Insights on the four main stages of the seed production, i.e., R&D, seed multiplication, warehousing, and sales and distribution
  • On-ground challenges a practitioner's approach on how technology can impact different aspects of seed production
  • Various opportunities for the use of AgTech and its impact in the seed value chain
  • CropIn's capabilities and experience in promoting the quantity and quality of seed production

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Kunal Prasad

Co-founder & COO CropIn Technology