Digital Story of a Seed: A platform Approach

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We are inviting you to a webinar where we'll introduce you to the various department functions within the Seed Value Chain and how you can seamlessly integrate through a platform approach also, insights into what the future holds with the use of our billions of data-sets and AI/ML, Remote sensing capabilities.

  • Deep focus and analysis on stages of the the ‘Seed Value Chain’ - R&D, Production, Warehousing & Traceability, Sales & Distribution
  • Ways in which each of these departments can work seamlessly together to achieve their objectives with efficiency & productivity
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture necessitates innovation in research and collaborations to ensure that comprehensive solutions are delivered across the globe

Who should watch the webinar

This webinar provides a substantial landscape of opportunities for CIO, CTO, Heads of Business, Value Chain (R&D/Production/Sales) Heads, agri-leaders, decision-makers, influencers, heads of IT, supply chain managers, procurement managers, banking and insurance executives, sustainability managers and CXOs of agribusinesses can study these entries comprehensively for factors which are important to their own discipline.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • An overview of the Seed Value Chain and stage-wise (R&D, Seed Production, Warehousing and Traceability, Sales and Distribution) analysis of objective achievement
  • On-ground challenges: a practitioner's approach on how technology can impact different aspects of seed production
  • Various opportunities for the use of AgTech and its impact on the seed value chain
  • Depicting the interconnected nature of our solution and how the platform approach can solve your business needs and growth
  • How you can leverage collected data from field digitization and convert it into valuable business insights.
  • Layering field data with remote sensing features can help in root cause analysis of business problem areas and subsequently help make better planning decisions.
  • CropIn's capabilities and experience in promoting the quantity and quality of seed production
  • Industry insight into what the future holds for the seed industry through an industry expert -Mr.Shijo Joseph, Group CIO, East-West Seed

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Shijo Joseph

Shijo Joseph

Group CIO East-West Seed

Aakash Parekh

Aakash Parekh

VP - Europe & Asia CropIn Technology

Pascal Van Dalen

Pascal Van Dalen

AVP - EMEA & USA CropIn Technology