#LetsTalkSeeds Webinar: How to identify, market & sell to farmers using data?

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#LetsTalkSeeds Webinar: How to identify, market & sell to farmers using data?


Seed companies worldwide are looking to digitize processes like production planning, testing, collecting accurate data, and streamlining across research and development stages. 

Deploying the right solutions help these organizations identify base grade quality and improve profitability by fast-tracking seeds to market and reducing time spent on research & development while meeting certification standards or forecasting demand more accurately than ever.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • Managing multi-geography and multi-variety with configurable workflows for localization on a single platform.
  • Speeding up innovation for R&D, trials, traits, and multigenerational traceability.
  • Building & organizing unstructured data sets into structured data assets for insights and speed to market of new variants/varieties.
  • Engaging your growers and agronomist with data and insight to improve the quality and yield.
  • Learn how your Data Scientists can leverage and make the most of Cropin's Intelligent Agriculture Cloud.


Abi Hatim round-1

Abi Hatim

Sales Channel Manager, True Digital Indonesia

Arjun Dutta Circle-1

Arjun Dutta

Regional Head - APAC, Cropin


Ícaro Tognetti Póvoa

Solution Specialist, Cropin


Parthiv Choudhury

Solutions Specialist, Cropin

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