In this exclusive interactive roundtable, we bought together some of the prominent industry leaders and experts from the South East Asia region, who shared their learnings, introduced you to best practices to cope up with the emerging challenges, and discussed how tech adoption has ensured continued business productivity during these uncertain times.

With a common theme of learning and sharing at the webinar, we duly hope you will watch the video and pose send your questions to us!

Impact Of Global Disruptions & Key Leadership Learnings

  • Unique segment-wise challenges and learnings
  • Overview of sustainability and development issues from on-ground experiences
  • Best practices tailored by agribusinesses to ensure business continuity

Digital Technologies Emerging As Game-changers For Agri Value Chains

  • Opportunities for digital technologies to help mitigate risks and make farming communities resilient
  • Strategies to prepare your business for a pandemic like disruption
  • Keep track of plots performance, yield analysis, and sending advisories and information to farmers

Ensuring Global Food Security

  • Supply Chain disruptions and rise or fall of commodities
  • Digitisation to strengthen sustainability adaptation and ensure food security
  • Revival from the current disruptions to international trade

Do you want to explore how digitisation can help solve your biggest business challenges during such disruptions?



Jyoti Vaddi


Arjun Dutta


Arin Pruksanuk

Vivek Sharma

Shijo Joesph