Farming for the future needs a whole new kind of power. It's here, all together, for the very first time.

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Cropin has combined 12+ years of expertise in the global Agri industry to build Cropin Cloud - a multi-tenant, secure, scalable, flexible, and intelligent agriculture cloud platform.

With this first-of-its-kind industry platform, we aim to provide a complete set of agriculture-specific capabilities with the specific intention of helping accelerate business growth and bring about a rapid and far-reaching digital transformation across the agri-ecosystem.

Cropin Cloud brings together multiple solutions across 


Applications for

Cropin Apps is an integrated portfolio of highly customizable apps and solutions that capture and digitise agri-data from the farm to the warehouse to the fork. These applications are designed to scale digital transformation across agriculture and allied industries including forestry, commodity, banking and insurance.


ML-ready data pipelines for enhanced analytics

Cropin Data Hub is designed to deliver the power of unified data by enabling interfacing with all agri-data sources from on-the-field farm management apps, IOT devices and drones, mechanization data from farming resources, remote sensing satellite information, weather data and many more.                                                      


Access to field-tested machine learning models

Cropin Intelligence enables access to over 22 of Cropin’s contextual deep-learning AI models to help agri-businesses with insights and predictive intelligence. Built using the world's largest crop knowledge graph, these models have been field-tested and deployed worldwide while being fine-tuned to work with a range of specific crop varieties, conditions, and locations.

Accelerate digital transformation of complex effort-intensive in-field operations with Cropin Apps


Highly customizable and scalable farm monitoring and management solution


Easy-to-use farmer engagement solution with multi-lingual support


Easy to deploy and scalable Farm-to-fork traceability solution

Solutions that accelerate digital transformation for a cross-section of agri-ecosystem players

Farming Companies

Farming Companies

Cropin Cloud enables farming companies with the most accurate and actionable data to make strategic operational decisions. Our solutions help improve farm operations visibility, field officer productivity, and input usage - everything you need to manage your global farming operations for a successful and predictable harvest! 

Seed Production Companies

Seed Production Companies

Cropin Cloud helps seed companies identify quality strains as well as improve profitability by fast-tracking seeds to market and reduce time spent on research & development while meeting certification standards, field scouting or forecasting demand more accurately than ever before!

Food Processing Companies

Food Processing Companies

Cropin Cloud enables food processing companies digitize farm operations and achieve end-to-end traceability of farm produce. Our solutions help meet export standards, improve acreage, build brand loyalty, eliminate malpractices and reward growers for adhering to good agricultural practices, thereby giving back to the ecosystem. And also solve for better procurement decisions.

Agri-Input Companies

Agri-Input Companies

Our solutions offer real-time plot level insights into input usage, field officer productivity, acreage insights, and weather & pest infestation alerts while ensuring adherence to the Package of Practice. We help agrochemical & input companies forecast demand based on the different crop cycle stages at a country and region level. 

Developmental Agencies

Developmental Agencies

Cropin Cloud helps smallholder farmers digitize their farm operations and solve farm operation inefficiencies, farmer engagement, pests & disease control, and ensure adoption of GAP practices. We help farmers improve yield quality, farm sustainably, boost profitability, and enable hassle-free financing for themselves.

Agri Lending Companies

Agri Lending Companies

Cropin Cloud helps compute and provide historical data at plot and pincode levels, share weather-based advisory in real-time, disease and pests alerts, and power business risk intelligence dashboards. Banks and agri-lending companies can now leverage real-time acreage insights, yield and harvest date estimates, crop and soil health monitoring to better mitigate risks. 

Agri Insurance Companies

Agri Insurance Companies

Cropin Cloud solves the challenges that insurance companies face and helps minimize the cost of operations by automating disbursals. We help you adjust premiums in real-time, monitor crop susceptibility, help you pinpoint affected crops, send weather, pest and disease alerts, and identify malpractice.

Government Organizations

Government Organizations

Our solutions enable the transformation of the agriculture ecosystem by implementing digitalization and predictive intelligence solutions. We also help institutions adhere to GAP practices, promote sustainable farming, improve farmer income, meet certification standards, monitor crop health, build farm and farmer profiles, and enable end-to-end visibility of farming operations.

Commodity Traders

Commodity Trading Companies

Cropin Cloud solves supply chain risk challenges faced by plantation owners (self-owned or pension funded) due to weather, pests and acreage losses by enabling traceability, yield estimations, crop and soil health, procurement support through farmer connectivity, and market linkages.

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Unlock value with Cropin Cloud


Improve operational efficiency with the help of a unified platform for scouting, agronomy and all farm and field data collection globally


Accelerate innovation and new product development by enabling researchers and data scientists to use ML-ready data pipelines


Breakdown siloes across divisions, functions, regions and growers by democratizing access to data for faster and better decision-making


Accelerate digital transformation while giving the power of choice to customer organizations based on where they are in their transformation journey


Optimize technology investments and effort in stitching together multiple-point technology solutions

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