Sustainable Agriculture: Where Are We Headed After 2020? [Session 2]

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Given the thin thread that our ecosystem hangs off and the vision to uplift and empower smallholder farmers, organisations must strive to drive sustainable practices and adopt agtech innovations to address the real threat of imperiled food security and realise the massive economic gains of a data-driven, sustainable agriculture. We will be extensively diving deep into:

  • Ways to Gender Equality, Improve Farmer Livelihood and Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Financial Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers with Credit, Loans and other Products
  • Building Robust Supply Chains to make them Sustainable and Efficient
  • Building Resilient Systems to help aid Smallholder Farmers to Mitigate Risks

Who should watch the webinar

This webinar provides a substantial landscape of opportunities for CIO, CTO, Heads of Business, agri-leaders, decision-makers, influencers, heads of IT, Government agencies/officials, development agencies, program/project directors, leaders, NGO/CSR heads, CSR project heads, supply chain managers, procurement managers, banking and insurance executives, sustainability managers and CXOs of agribusinesses can study these entries comprehensively for factors which are important to their own discipline.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • Highlighting the use of digital technology to sustain smallholder farmer livelihood and support resilience to natural calamities.
  • A deep focus on financial inclusivity for smallholder farmers, risks related to lending, credit assessment, and NPAs
  • Emphasis on gender equality by the empowerment of women and youth to build a sustainable farming community in the deepest parts of the world with the intervention of technology.
  • Building a robust and sustainable supply chain (sourcing and procurement) to improve productivity and rationalise costs to benefit the farmers and other intermediaries in-between.
  • Formulation of strategic public-private partnerships to support a future-ready agri-ecosystem with the use of AI/ML and deep learning technologies.
  • Addressing world food security and it’s implication on the growing population, providing immediate resort to traceability and data-driven agri-tech solutions for a safe and secure food system.

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Alan D. Johnson

Program Lead - Smallholder Supply Chains IFC


Leesa Shrader

Program Director Mercy Corps AgriFin


Lucy Muchoki

CEO Pan African Agribusiness Consortium (PanAAC)

Joseph Boulier

Joseph Boulier

Senior Director, Sustainable Supply Chain Programs Tanager Intl.


Aakash Parekh

Vice-President, Europe & South-Asia CropIn

jacqueline njonjo

Jacqueline Njonjo

Africa Lead - Food Safety Program IFC


Hemendra Mathur

Venture Partner Bharat Innovation Fund