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Ep.2 - Digitalization 101: Debunking Myths in the Agriculture Sector

The current circumstances are only leading to the change toward the Digitalization of agriculture. Given the challenge we have today and the milestones to achieve, practices would have to be toward data-driven agriculture. While for some, it is about adopting innovative farm management methods, and for others is about dealing with legacy systems and processes.  Connected agriculture also implies bringing together various stakeholders in the ecosystem through information and insights. In this episode, we will talk about

Digitization 101 as we try to demystify the Myths around the digitalization of agriculture.


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Ag-celerate: Linkedin Live Podcast Series

An industry-first Linkedin Live Podcast series, where we will host candid conversations on trending topics with industry stalwarts, influencers, subject matter experts, and government officials from the agriculture fraternity.

This series aims to establish a community at large to adopt digital in the industry and create a platform for the ag industry to share, learn and connect with like-minded people from the industry. 

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