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Enabling the easy management and access to raw and processed incoming data pipelines for structured and unstructured agri-data sources.

A critical challenge for the Agriculture industry has been the effective management of the volume and variety of relevant farming management and advisory data sources on and off the field.


Aggregate data from various sources across applications, IoT devices, weather and earth observation data amongst others.


Processed data inputs with meta-data to solve for search and query needs.


Contextual custom reports and visualizations available on OLAP for easy access and use.

Cropin Data Hub addresses this by structuring agri-data through an agri-object model, which enables it to interface with all agri-data sources such as in-field farm management apps, IoT devices and drones, mechanization data from farming equipment, remote sensing satellite information and weather advisory sources. It can help cut down data engineering efforts by upto 80% for organizations & enterprises that need to build similar data integrations for intelligent insights on their own.

The Cropin Data Hub also has pre-built advanced data frameworks designed to solve the most common and constantly challenging problems in agriculture remote monitoring such as cloud-free satellite imagery, boundary-detection of farm plots, segmentation of land use, and so on. It enables combining enterprise, agronomy, & remote field data with Cropin’s Crop Intelligence models and datasets to surface significant insights and value for the business while sparing the need to expend critical resources on re-inventing the wheel.

Delivering digital transformation through structured agri-data from the field

Cropin helped one of the leading coffee producers to build a sustainable coffee value chain across multiple locations in Africa.


  • Manage farmer certifications
  • Track post-harvest supply chain
  • Monitor input usage
  • Geotag plots
  • Share advisory
  • ICT integration for real-time advisory
  • Impacting 93,000 plots and 30,000 farmers

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Cropin enables efficient farm operations for one of the world’s largest agrochemical corporations with satellite imaging data.


  • Estimate maize crop acreage
  • Regional level estimates on yield
  • Leverage insights like chlorophyll index, NDVI, water-stress, yield specific coefficients to deliver minimum delta between predicted vs realized acreage

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Aiding Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) for farm digitisation & supply chain transparency among millions of farmers. .


  • Tackle climate change
  • Prevent crop losses from locust attacks
  • Increase farmer income
  • Improve supply chain connectivity
  • Enable a resilient agri-ecosystem for farmers in Africa

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