Farm digitization and business intelligence solution

Maximize per acre value

A comprehensive and highly configurable farm management platform for efficiency, predictability & sustainability.

  • A complete Farm ERP & CRM Suite

  • Monitoring and managing farms was never this easy

  • Save time and minimize errors with a digitized cultivation process

  • Make data-driven decisions to improve farm productivity and profitability

  • Integrate with other applications and data sources to do more and make better decisions
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Smartfarm agriculture business intelligence solution

What is Cropin Grow (SmartFarm Plus)?

With Cropin Grow (SmartFarm Plus), you can digitize the entire cultivation process and improve farm operations with business intelligence. You will also be able to increase productivity by capturing data accurately while focusing on driving profitability for your operation!

Key Features

  • Geotag farm plots
  • Detect crops
  • Monitor input usage
  • Share weather-related advisory
  • Monitor crop health remotely
  • Set pest and disease alerts
  • Manage alerts and activity log
  • Set up workflows and tasks for the field team
  • Customizable business intelligence dashboard & reporting


  • Complete farm digitization
  • Improved data capture accuracy
  • Traceability and output predictability
  • Increased farm productivity
  • Improved profitability
  • Adherence to the package of practices
  • Improved yield quality & quantity
  • Monitoring of carbon credits
  • Reduced cost of operations

Solving with Cropin Grow (SmartFarm Plus)

smartfarm app smartfarm plus

C-Suite Leaders

Data insights for informed decision making

  • One-touch farm overview
  • Centralized system for multi-farm hierarchical management
  • Early warning for deviation
  • Decision support insights
  • Compliance adherence
  • Organization-wide digital transformation with digital farming
smartfarm app smartfarm plus


Visibility of field data to enhance productivity

  • Agent tasks monitoring
  • Early problem detection and mitigation
  • Dynamic configuration of data 

  • Root cause analysis
  • ROI and decision insight reports
smartfarm app smartfarm plus

Field Users

Seamless data collection from the ground

  • Easy information access

  • Capture data configured by agronomist
  • Communicate crop instructions & good farming practices
  • Crop health & weather insights for farm monitoring

smartfarm app smartfarm plus


Real-time actionable insights to maximize yield

  • Crop advisory on the package of practices
  • Crop-specific activity schedule
  • Permissible agrochemicals for operations

  • App/ SMS notifications  for crop and weather advisory

Who should use our farm management solution?

smartfarm solution for farming companies


smartfarm app for seed production companies

Seed Production Companies

smartfarm solution for food processing companies

Food Processing Companies

smartfarm solution for agri input companies


smartfarm solution for developmental agencies

Developmental Agencies

smartfarm app for agri lending companies

Agri Lending Companies

smartfarm solution for government organizations

Government Organizations

smartfarm solution for agri insurance companies

Agri Insurance Companies

Enterprises and institutions leveraging our farm digitization and business intelligence solution

East-West Seed implemented Farm Management Solution across 6 countries  and successfully digitized farms and farmer profiles leading to:

  • 14,000+  Farmers Registered
  • 35+ Crops and 400+ Crop Varieties Recorded
  • 21,000+ Hectares of Area Audited

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2Scale implemented farm management solution to digitize and standardize operations in Cote d’Ivoire for rice millers.

  • Drove farmer registrations
  • Improved yield and acreage
  • Streamlined the supply chain

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Partnering with Safaricom, Mercy Corps AgriFin leveraged our farm management solution for its DVA (Digital Village Advisors) Program in Kenya.

  • 3,600+ DVAs trained to onboard and engage over 100,000 farmers’ data digitally
  • Enabled remote monitoring of 97,239 plots across Kenya
  • Audited over 928,940 acres of farmland for multiple crops

Your copy of the case study is just another step away!

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