Navigate EUDR compliance with ease

Simplify EUDR compliance through digital data collection and analyze at scale.

Power responsible sourcing with remote sensing, satellite monitoring, & artificial intelligence technologies.

European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) compliance in Cropin Cloud

A Digital Pathway to EUDR Compliance & Risk Mitigation

target audience for EUDR solution

Get everyone on the same page

Sustainability officers, supply chain managers, quality assurance managers, procurement managers, compliance officers, field officers, agronomists, etc.

EUDR solution for the entire agri-supply chain

Optimize the entire agri-supply chain

Farming enterprises, seed & CPG companies, retailers, e-commerce platforms, and other agri-businesses including governments & agencies

Deforestation monitoring in Cropin Cloud

Meet Cropin's holistic EUDR Compliance Solution

Get the insights and intelligence to power your sourcing decisions & ensure full compliance with EUDR.

Cropin Cloud pairs deforestation management with a suite of agriculture apps, designed to digitally transform your field operations.

It covers farm monitoring, data management, field scouting, farmer engagement, and historical deforestation, to comprehensively enable supply-chain transparency and sustainable practices.


Built for remote monitoring & compliance

Our AI & satellite-powered deforestation monitoring offers you a holistic view of your global supply chain



Identify, categorize, and analyze deforestation

Utilize our high-resolution (10x10 meter) monitoring solution to identify deforestation risks and accurately assess each plot, ensuring compliance and responsible land management.


Enhance reporting & compliance with precise historical data

Identify deforestation years, streamline EUDR compliance and enrich your ESG reports with essential historical context from Cropin Intelligence.

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Enhance transparency with traceability

Power accountability & transparency in your supply chain with our traceability solution - Cropin Trace. Ensure farmer KYC, accurate plot mapping, and comprehensive harvest data.



Streamline operations with Cropin Cloud

Deploy an integrated platform for efficient farm monitoring and analysis. Simplify EUDR compliance with our Sustainability Dashboard. mapping, and comprehensive harvest data.


EUDR Compliance in the Food Value Chain

The key to navigating EUDR is in access to real-time field data, intelligence, actionable insights, and effective communication among stakeholders.

Cropin Cloud, with its suite of digitization apps and intelligence solutions, steps in to facilitate EUDR compliance at every step of the supply chain.

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Cropin Apps

Applications for digitization & collaboration in Cropin Cloud

Cropin Grow, Cropin Connect

Digital transformation of farm operations in origination locations, with grower self-reporting capabilities.

digitization of source locations for deforestation trackiing


Cropin Apps

Applications for tracing agri-data to source in Cropin Cloud

Cropin Grow, Cropin Connect

Complete source intelligence and traceability for improved supply chain transparency and risk mitigation capabilities.

Supply chain traceability for EUDR compliance


Cropin Intelligence

Deforestation analysis with intelligence at a plot/regional level in Cropin Cloud

Cropin Plot-level Intelligence, Cropin Regional Intelligence

Historical & current deforestation analysis of plots in a supply chain to power responsible sourcing decisions.

Agri-intelligence for EUDR's deforestation tracking
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Gateway to simplified & effective EUDR compliance

Transform your agriculture operations, comply with deforestation norms, and become a truly green business

plot-level deforestation tracking

Analyze at a plot-level

Our solution enables you to drilldown to a plot-level deforestation analysis, allowing for detailed and accurate environmental impact assessments.

due diligence in EUDR compliance

Simplify due diligence

Streamline the due diligence process with efficient information collection, predictive analytics, risk assessment, and public reporting capabilities.

risk mitigation in EUDR

Manage and mitigate risks early

Ensure complete EUDR compliance while reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties with robust risk assessment and mitigation tools at your disposal.

source location traceability

Trace agri-data to its source

Ensure farm data traceability and compliance, with detailed insights into plot polygons, cropping, and harvest data.

responsible sourcing through transparent supply chain

Improve supply chain transparency

Enhance supply chain visibility and risk mitigation through an integrated cloud platform with robust data exchange capabilities.

historical deforestation data analysis

Analyze historical data

Analyze up to 20 years of historical data for deforestation, and get essential insights to power your sourcing decisions.

Protect the forests & your business

Satellite-driven monitoring & AI-powered insights to bolster your supply chain transparency and simplify EUDR compliance.

demo of Cropin's EUDR compliance solution


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is EUDR?

EUDR stands for European Union Deforestation Regulation.  It is a landmark regulation on deforestation-free products, adopted by the European Union in December 2022, aimed at tackling global deforestation and forest degradation.

Which commodities are covered under EUDR?

Cocoa, coffee, soy, palm oil, wood, rubber, and cattle and products derived from these commodities

When does EUDR come into effect?

The timeline of EUDR is as follows:

  • June 2023 - EUDR gets formally adopted by The European Parliament and Council
  • December 2023 - EUDR came to effect
  • June 2025 - The EUDR will go into effect for micro & small exporters.

After December 2024, actors will need to provide the required information and documentation to show EUDR compliance

What data or information is required for EUDR compliance?

The following important data/information is required for EUDR compliance:

  • Product description with common and full scientific names, wherever applicable
  • Harvest timelines
  • Verified information/proof that the products are deforestation-free
  • Country of production
  • Geo-coordinates of source plots and lands
What are the due diligence requirements under EUDR?

EUDR's due diligence system requires actors to ensure that commodities/products are not sourced from deforested areas, take measures to mitigate risks of non-compliance and provide sufficient documentation of their due diligence efforts.

What are the EUDR's traceability & transparency obligations?

EUDR imposes strong traceability and transparency obligations It requires data collection of geo-localization coordinates of source locations, among others. Actors in the supply chain must have a complete view of all participating entities to collect the above-mentioned information. The companies must also provide publicly available reports of their due diligence measures.