Automated, Accurate, and Integrated Calculations with SmartCompute


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Nobody likes to juggle three or four applications to accomplish one task. It slows us down and even gets frustrating in the long run.

We buckled down to deliver an integrated platform for not only farm digitization and providing intelligence but also processing and refining captured data using simple mathematical and conditional operations. 

SmartFarm provides enterprises with standard Plan Types and Forms that capture the primary data requirements for a crop cycle. The enterprise can further customize them based on their specific business requirements.

Here’s where SmartCompute comes into play. Using the data that users have captured using SmartFarm (from both standard and custom-made Plan Types and Forms), you can create formulas to derive new parameters which can enable you with decision making or improve your farming cycle. The values derived from SmartCompute can result from simple math operations, conditional operations such as greater than or if-else, logical operations using AND/OR, and many others. You may use this feature to auto-populate from simple values to complex estimates.

SmartCompute - Create Formula


When do you use SmartCompute?

  • To compute and derive new parameters from existing parameters
  • To categorize, filter, or aggregate data for your custom reports
  • To compare data (using ratios) and add this to visualizations (analytics and reporting)

What are the different ways you can use SmartCompute?

  • Auto-populating task completion dates based on start and end dates. 
  • Calculating expenses and other estimates
  • Obtaining real-time updates on Harvest Re-estimate values
  • Auto-updating the Yield value for each crop variety/sub-variety and individual plots
  • Auto-filling the details in activities/custom forms
  • Deriving reliable estimates (yield value and crop losses) for crop insurance, harvest and storage planning, cash-flow budgeting, etc.

How does SmartCompute improve processes?

  1. Optimized mobile data entry: SmartFarm Plus automatically calculates predefined values based on the data available in the system (e.g. audited plot area, farmer declared area, farmer tags, etc.). As a result, data capturing becomes quick and effortless for the user.
  2. Higher data accuracy: Manual calculations in the system are time-consuming and often prone to human errors. Automating them with SmartCompute not only ensures data accuracy but increases productivity for the users, too. 
  3. Data inter-linkages: Users can create multiple custom attributes on an as-needed basis, but there is the inherent risk of configuring the same value more than once in the absence of data inter-linkage. To avoid data duplication and ensure data uniformity across the platform, SmartCompute interlinks data and helps increase data quality for analytics and reporting. 
  4. Real-time auto-updates: Some of the standard attributes, such as Harvest Re-estimate, are dependent on the data captured using custom values in the system. By setting up a simple formula, you can track updates, deviations, and other activities in real-time whenever one of the corresponding entities is modified. 

Smart Compute ModuleThe above images are for representation purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.


What are the business benefits of using SmartCompute?

  1. Process efficiency: Eliminate manual interventions and operational redundancies by integrating values derived from SmartCompute into your Plan Types, Forms, views, charts, and reports.
  2. Enhanced productivity: Optimize day-to-day operations by automating the calculations used in your project’s planning, detailing, and monitoring stages, freeing up time for stakeholders to focus on more critical tasks.
  3. Smarter decision-making: Leverage inter-linkages to gain better control over how you use and repurpose data to obtain actionable insights and streamline workflows.

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