CropIn’s Platform Registers A Hike In Digital Adoption During COVID Times


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Globally, many industries are accepting “work from home” as the new norm as the battle against the global pandemic rages on. Daily routines and defined workflows have now been overturned by stay-at-home orders, causing disruptions in the agri-sector, including supply chain slow-down, shortage of workforce, restrictions preventing field officers from visiting farms, and workers’ safety and health concerns.


However, the surge in adoption of digital technologies in current times has made it possible to support a remote workforce effectively, without having to compromise on productivity. As a result, farming companies and several other agribusinesses can ensure a smooth flow of operations with only the most essential staff or workers in the field, while the others can accomplish a wide range of tasks from their home-offices using just their own mobile devices. Digital platforms also help connect all the stakeholders in the agri-value chain to ensure an efficient supply of products from the farms to the consumers.


One of our earlier blogs illustrated how CropIn allows its users to battle work-from-home restrictions with its remote monitoring capabilities. A plethora of features and technological capabilities permits users at different levels within the organisation to monitor crop production activities remotely, gain relevant and actionable insights at every stage, and provide farmers on the field with the right support to maximise productivity and reduce crop losses significantly. CropIn’s platform also facilitates direct engagement with farmers to support them with weather- and satellite-imaging based advisory throughout the crop production process.


The Upward Curve In The Adoption Of CropIn’s Solutions

CropIn’s digital solutions for smarter farm data management witnessed a remarkable hike in their adoption over the last few months. With restrictions forcing the workforce to embrace seemingly unconventional means to monitor and manage farm operations, there has been a remarkable increase in the usage of CropIn’s mobile and web-based applications in the last few months.


UPDATE: February 2021

Over the last year, the positive trend continued to soar as more users adopted CropIn’s digital solutions across the world. On account of CropIn emerging as a global agtech provider and our global expansion, there has been substantial growth in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Notably, our client-partners in Africa and Europe have registered the steepest growth in 2020 as compared to 2019, with a 48% and 34% increase in Q3, respectively.


Considering that a sizeable percentage of the staff are only beginning to adopt a digital solution in these troubled times, the need of the hour for organisations around the globe was a user-friendly solution that catered to unique needs at each level. CropIn’s digital platform offers exactly that: an effective application with an intuitive and satisfying user experience that works to the advantage of the users for a smooth and rapid adoption of the digital application.


Compelling Features That Make CropIn A Must-Have Farm Data Management System


Adding Value To Users At Every Level

CropIn’s cloud platform enables effective communication between users at different levels of the organisational hierarchy. They can now leverage the following capabilities for intelligent real-time decisions, automated precision response, and business-wide orchestration to ensure 360-degree engagement at User, Farmer, and Crop levels.

  • Monitor: Create Survey forms in SmartFarm® to ensure the health and safety of employees and track daily work progress
  • Support: Identify the location and provide assistance to users using SmartPulse
  • Track: Access real-time insights on people and farm activities on mobile using CropInsights®
  • Care: Configure Farmer Survey to track health status
  • Connect: Send advisories and engage through bulk SMS, provide climate-smart advisories with ClimateSense
  • Educate: Share videos and training content through AcreSquare®
  • Serve: Provide inputs and financial assistance using Accounts Module (Order Management)
  • Manage: Remotely monitor plots, identifying plots at risk using PlotRisk
  • Plan: Schedule farm activities based on weather advisories with ClimateSense
  • Streamline: Leverage plot-level intelligence to arrive at intelligent supply chain and procurement decisions using SmartRisk®

It’s Never Too Late To Invest In New Technology

Over the last few months, CropIn’s user base expanded not just in terms of increased adoption among existing clients, but also when we onboarded new clients, virtually. While the travel embargo and the much-needed social distancing held our teams back from providing the best of our assistance in person, it provided them with the opportunity to onboard, train, and support new clients from the comfort of their respective home-offices. For the clients, this has proven to be effective and beneficial in more ways than one. Read all about it here.

CropIn’s suite of solutions caters to diverse stakeholders and their unique challenges within the agroecosystem. The ever-evolving platform keeps pace with advancing industry needs and technology disruption to deliver best-in-class services to each user. Furthermore, our expansive experience and learnings from 225+ clients and over 50 countries position us to provide consulting about the best industry practices to increase per-acre value for your business.

Get in touch with us today today to explore how CropIn can add value to your business.

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