CropInside - A look into Cropin’s year of 2019


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It all started with a thought – a determined thought to bring in a change. The thought brought together two visionaries and the journey towards the change began. From a bootstrapped start-up that originated in a single-room office to impacting livelihoods of over 2.1 million farmers across 52 countries and digitizing 6.1 million acres of farmland, CropIn has come a long way indeed. The journey so far has been quite remarkable, and CropIn stands proud of every achievement and every challenge that it has faced to get to where it is today.

CropIn was started with a vision of maximizing per acre value and harnessing AI to improve farmer livelihoods and revolutionize farming. Over the years, CropIn has achieved what it aimed for, and has aimed higher with every achievement that it unlocked for itself. The results have only put in more faith on the path CropIn has chosen to complete the mission it has taken upon. As CropIn completes ten years since its inception, let us look back at some of the highlights from the last financial year.

An Impressive Revenue Growth Trend

CropIn has seen a year-on-year revenue growth of 49% in the last financial year, owing to the relentless efforts the teams at CropIn have put in, in expanding business. The exponential revenue growth is a testament to the efficiency that CropIn’s solutions are designed with and the impact they have made in the market.


Building A Customer-Centric Organization

A company’s success is not only dependent on the high quality solution design but also in ensuring the desired outcome for the customer is achieved. Customer success is one of the key factors that define the overall growth of the company. CropIn is extremely proud about its best-in-class team that has consistently been at the top of their game and demonstrated excellent results over the last few years. The team is empathetic and sensitive in understanding how crucial client relationships are for the business. The clientele therefore, has only increased each year and the same tradition has continued into the last financial year as well.

CropIn onboarded 53 new logos in the last financial year. The teams in CropIn have contributed extensively towards impacting 2.1 million farmers and last year saw an incredible jump in this number through various projects and partnerships with prestigious agencies.

CropIn rolled out operations in the US for a new high-profile client and was successful in catering to the expectations of the client. Our excellent Customer Relationship management has led us to receiving several testimonials that CropIn has received speak loud about its understanding of client relationship management. CropIn has had a lot of successful programs in the US and the broader North American region overall.

CropIn’s major highlights from last year with respect to clientele are:

1. Remote sensing and data science: We kick started our project with the Rainforest Alliance in building remote sensing models for Cocoa in Ghana

2. Tech agronomy use case: Seed companies that have technical agronomy divisions that wish to capture the various crop parameters for evaluating what hybrids to promote

3. Tamper proof traceability: Our work with various value chains, like Pagrexco in India to provide “tamper proof” traceability of seeds across the value chain to prevent spurious seeds in the market


We Build Solutions For Our Customers

CropIn launched SmartRisk last year and a plan to launch an upgraded version of SmartFarm was initiated. SmartRisk marked CropIn’s entry into the agri-fintech space to make credit and plot risk assessment easier for the farmers and the banking institutions. SmartRisk made loan disbursement for the farmers easier than ever. Getting loans for farmers no longer is a tedious task. SmartRisk proved to be a blessing to Financial institutions to assess insurance claims from the farmers. This also was a win-win for the farmers to get fair claims for their losses through crop insurance.

CropIn’s solution for farmers to provide insights and information from their end called AcreSquare was also planned and the product design was initiated. SmartFarm was implemented in 20 newer geographies. CropIn has so far been able to expand to Burundi, Egypt, Poland, Canada, Honduras, Morocco, Serbia and Slovakia this year. The expansion is a major milestone for CropIn to globally introduce its solutions.


United As One

CropIn is less of a company and more of a family. CropIn’s work culture has made it a very concise yet conducive atmosphere to be a part of, and this reflects on the quality of work the teams bring in. As much as it is important to prioritize client satisfaction, it is equally necessary to ensure the people behind the company’s success, the work family is a happy family. CropIn has always kept in mind the work-life balance factor and put family ahead of business when it is needed to do so. This attitude has translated to higher productivity. The growth has also been seen in the number of new people joining the family as well. Last year, CropIn’s family grew larger as 84 new members joined the team which takes the total employee strength to 178.

CropIn’s vision and mission has aligned with a lot of distinguished achievers and the interest has transformed into an association as well. We are fortunate to have a diverse group of board members at CropIn and adding new members is a great way to strengthen our objective of creating a world where agriculture is reimagined. Last year, four new members joined the advisory board and brought in the combined wealth of experience and knowledge.

The HR team at CropIn is a great balance between fun and functionality. The team has always made sure the CropIn family is involved with each other and has curated many fun activities that keep the team spirits high. Celebrating the annual success of CropIn, last year the HR team organised the company’s annual celebrations where the CropIn family came together to celebrate the success of the company. The meet was also a cultural extravaganza, filled with games, laughter and some mind-blowing performances that made the evening a truly memorable one.


Events and Milestones

Last year has been very eventful for CropIn. One of the major milestones we achieved was the launch of our predictive and prescriptive AI algorithm based brainchild named SmartRisk. CropIn launched and showcased SmartRisk at the World AgriTech Summit held at London after a successful event at Mumbai. Both events were a resounding success and generated immense interest for the sheer brilliance of the product. After wow-ing the Indian and European markets with the wonder that SmartRisk is, the SEA market was the next audience that got to understand the capabilities of SmartRisk at the Asia-Pacific Agro-Food Innovation Week held in Singapore in November last year.

Over the years, CropIn has received many accolades and last year was no different.



The Journey Ahead

At inception, the founders decided to come together for a purpose. Today, the purpose has 178 people who contribute directly and scores of others who indirectly contribute towards achieving the purpose. CropIn’s vision of maximizing farmers’ income and making this world a better place to live by ensuring a sustainable future is turning into reality. The journey has only made the faith CropIn has on its stakeholders stronger and the vision of the company is now turning into reality. CropIn will continue to harness technology for a better tomorrow and aim for higher success in the years to come. To infinity and beyond!

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Krishna Kumar

About the Author

Krishna Kumar is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cropin, the Agritech pioneer who has built the world's first purpose-built industry cloud for Agriculture - Cropin Cloud. Krishna founded Cropin in 2010, long before the terms “Agritech” or “ag-tech” became fashionable or were widely understood. When he founded Cropin, the 10,000-year-old agriculture industry was looking to evolve into a modern, digitally connected sector to address increasing food demand and disruptive climatic changes. Over the last 12 years, Krishna has been pioneering the development and adoption of digital technologies and predictive intelligence to transform the agriculture ecosystem through their enterprise customers worldwide.