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Let real-time ground-level intelligence be the guide that maps agrochemicals with the right crop and the right location/farms.

Powered by historical ground and weather data from all areas under cultivation, digitisation makes higher productivity a reality for agribusinesses globally through the targeted/localised application of agrochemicals.


Agrochemicals and other agricultural inputs are an integral part of a successful cultivation cycle. Be it protecting crops from harmful pests and diseases, ensuring the health of the crop, or adding necessary nutrients to the soil—the role of agrochemicals is crucial irrespective of the type of crop or the region under cultivation. However, the right utilisation of agrochemicals depends on understanding which areas would benefit most from what kind of input. Modern farming technology helps agrochemical and other agro-input companies utilise valuable insights gleaned from multiple data sources to correctly determine and demonstrate the impact of their usage.

Scientifically determine which areas and crops need you the most

Just like seasoning can enhance a well-prepared dish, achieving higher crop yield is closely tied to where and how farmers utilise agrochemicals. Agrochemical companies need to analyse diverse regions to correctly determine which places would benefit the best from their input. Powered by satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and regional-level weather and ground data, modern farming technology gives you all the insights you need about regions under cultivation so you can perfect your sales strategy and maximise impact by mapping the right products to the right regions. Some of these insights include:

  • Agro-climatic information by zones and regions
  • Crop mapping for each region
  • Timely weather updates and forecast
  • Growth and yield prediction across regions
  • Regional-level historical data for crops
  • Crop-mapping to effectively strategise marketing and sales planning


Increase sales by showcasing your impact to farmers on a real-time basis

The best kind of example is the one that you see right in front of your eyes. Digitising farms lets you capture all the relevant data points regarding agrochemical use at different stages, which you can use to assess its impact. Real-time monitoring of demo plots during the initial stage is extremely crucial while showcasing the impact of your product to farmers. With data on overall health, crop growth, and yield forecast, modern farming technology makes it possible for you to keep a check on the performance of your products across regions without deploying field staff for physical audits of the fields.

  • End-to-end monitoring of all demo plots
  • Remote monitoring for 360-degree coverage
  • Timely capture of all relevant data points across fields
  • Ongoing crop health analysis
  • Growth and yield forecast

Use performance data to engage with farmers on an ongoing basis, building farmer loyalty and improving overall brand credibility

The continued use of targeted agrochemicals on regions that require them enhances overall productivity significantly. Data gathered from the ongoing use of these agrochemicals can help farmers truly understand their impact. Insights such as a decrease in pest attacks and diseases, improved crop quality, increase in crop yield over time, and improvement of overall crop health are some of the aspects that can be tracked and shared with farmers to showcase the true impact of agrochemicals on productivity.

  • Growth and yield forecasts across regions
  • Real-time monitoring of all productivity parameters
  • Better business-to-farmer communication
  • Before and after analysis for increased impact
  • Building grower trust and engagement

Get complete visibility on sales and operations to manage your dealers better

Digitisation not only helps track the performance of agrochemicals and its impact on crop health but also lets you monitor your dealers across sales regions. With a comprehensive dashboard that showcases products sold in a region and at a dealer level, you can easily analyse and benchmark dealer performance on an ongoing basis.

  • Track and benchmark dealers by performance
  • Monitor sales by region
  • Track payment history and credit limit for every dealer
  • Reduce overall staff operational cost and improve process efficiency
  • Increase sales through targeted promotions to dealers and direct order placement by them

In recent years, the agrochemical industry has been adopting innovative technologies and precision tools, such as satellite monitoring, artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data analytics, to bring about efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in their day-to-day operations. CropIn’s AI- and data-led platform provides scientific and actionable insights that drive winning go-to-market strategies for agri-input manufacturers globally.

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