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In one of our recent blog posts, we had discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic had forced millions of people across countries to shift their office spaces to their homes and continue with business as usual. This move came along with several limitations that took a toll on productivity for most, if not all. The blog also illustrates how agribusiness keep up their productivity even while working from home . However, if your enterprise has not yet explored Cropin’s solutions but finds the need to under the given circumstances, it is still possible to do so now from the convenience of your home-offices.

Cropin’s exemplary team of Customer Success Specialists has been providing seamless and personal onboarding experiences for our 200+ clients. Over the years, they have identified and perfected an approach that expedites the training and implementation processes and makes the experience smooth for the new client. Interacting with diverse people from over 50 countries with needs and stipulations that are unique to each individual, these in-house specialists know their way through any maze of problems. It is precisely for this reason that the current global predicament, which held many of us back in different ways, has given them an opportunity to explore the benefits of digital onboarding to the fullest.

Onboarding New Clients Through Virtual/Online Training

With several countries laying a travel embargo, and with India stringently restricting intercity movement too, our Customer Success team has been exploring an online approach to administer support and training to first-time users of Cropin’s platform. In the recent past, such virtual sessions have been held for clients who found it more feasible to opt for the digital approach. The most evident advantage is that we can begin training almost immediately, without having to spend time and resources organizing travel and accommodation. We cannot emphasize enough the benefit of cost-savings, particularly during the current crisis where economies of most industries have taken a hit. Considering that the platform needs to be implemented and configured well before the start of the crop cycle, completing the training at the earliest also ensures that the field team is digitally enabled to commence operations as scheduled.

Being a SaaS company, we consider it our responsibility to demonstrate that almost all our implementation, training, and service to our client partners can be done digitally. It is, undoubtedly, the way forward for many industries, and the current global scenario has allowed enterprises to test and debunk misconceptions about having to work from home. Over the last couple of months, our Specialists have successfully completed remote training for three clients, and intend to march ahead and empower many more clients in a similar approach in the months to come.

Recently, Cropin partnered with, India’s leading online supermarket, to digitize their supply chain management using our end-to-end platform. Not wanting to delay the onboarding process, Cropin Customer Success team proceeded to train their staff from over 40 collection centers across India. In the words of Anirudh, City Manager – Bangalore,

Training all the participants in one go helped us in saving time. The trainer was knowledgeable and resolved all our queries. After the training, we have seen an increase in the adaptability of the solution, which has helped us in getting better visibility of the entire supply chain.


Furthermore, Cropin has also incorporated additional features for clients who wanted to ensure that their farmers are safe and well. To state a couple of examples, since the extension agents are unable to visit farmers in Kenya, DigiFarm Kenya Limited, a subsidiary of Safaricom PLC that offers convenient, one-stop access to a suite of agri-services to farmers, is now able to individually call farmers and get periodic updates on crop planning and its health. On the other hand, a philanthropic organization that strives to enhance the livelihoods of tribal households in Central India reaches out to farmers directly by way of SMS in their local language.  Cropin also provides a report to the client on the number of messages sent, along with a periodic update from the farms such as expected harvest date, to aid planning.


We agree that it is quite unusual to onboard first-time users digitally, and some people may even worry about the possible lack of the ‘human touch’’ in the approach. To help you understand how the training and support process works, we have answered a few questions below.

Why can’t we wait until travel is allowed again to conduct in-person training?

Considering the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, it is tough to determine the safest time to travel. It could take weeks from now or even months. Carrying on with training now ensures that the field staff and other users have are adequately familiar with the app, now that there is enough time at hand. They will be primed to begin work the day they arrive on the fields and can test the application without any further delay. Besides, it saves cost, time, and effort in accommodating our team when we arrive to conduct face-to-face training.

How are these sessions conducted?

Our training session is well-structured and is typically conducted over a video conference on Google Hangouts or other similar platforms. As it is with regular in-person training, we will share app screenshots and other visual material during the call, and also share it with them separately so that they can refer to it as and when needed.

What kind of training materials will be provided?

Apart from a copy of the online training session, we will share videos, presentations, and PDF documents that explain the various features and benefits of Cropin’s platform. Images and screenshots of the application will also be shared to ensure an in-depth understanding of the different features and modules.

Will the online training sessions be as thorough as face-to-face sessions?

Absolutely. Conducting a session online does not give us any reason to compromise on the quality or the number of hours of training. Our team strives to provide as much guidance as possible to ensure all the attendees are well-equipped to use the application. If required, individual assistance will also be provided to an extent.

Internet connectivity in my region is unreliable. Is there a way around this?

In such a situation, we will proceed with the video call to focus on only those modules or functionalities that are most critical for the organization and demand a visual medium to support the training. The remainder of the training can be conducted over a phone call, and we assure you that there will be no compromises here either.

As the CXO of the company, how do I know that the training has been effective?

Once we complete the training, the team will evaluate the outcome by assigning tasks to each of the users. These tasks are meant only to test if the user understood the flow of the process, how to capture data and review it, and the like. We will be able to judge if the training has been adequate based on the performance of users.

Is there a specific training session for managers?

Yes, the training also aims to enable managers to derive maximum value from the platform. This training includes a discussion with the manager on various topics of interest beyond reports and the Web application. The solution-focused dialogue can happen over many days, depending on the objectives and end goals of the organization. The purpose of such extensive training is to help the managers recognize the value that Cropin adds to farm-level operations and the business on the whole.

What happens when there are one or two users who find it difficult to follow the training?

We have come to recognize from several client interactions that people grasp information in different ways at varying speeds, especially if it is technical in nature. The training can be tricky for people who are not very exposed to digital solutions. We try to assist the users as much as we can, and we provide individual attention when needed, too. In some situations, we had requested quick learners in the group to guide the others, and this proved successful as they responded to peers better than they do to us, especially when there are language barriers.

Will I get assistance even after the training has been completed?

Being passionate about our work and wanting to satisfy our clients to the best of our ability, we make ourselves available to answer any questions that may arise after a few days of using the application. In the past, we have had field staff call us at a later date and request help with specific concerns. A few of them might have hesitated to ask in front of others during the training period, which is understandable. Hence, we spend as much time as needed to clarify their doubts. We also share screenshots via WhatsApp, Hangouts, or other convenient instant messaging apps to assist them better. Essentially, we ensure that no-one is left behind during and after the training process. Our team is always available either a call, email, or a message away to provide immediate support for app-related issues or bugs in the application. For issues that require improvement at a deeper level, we work with the concerned teams to and assure its redressal at the earliest possible time.

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