Using Technology for Rural Upliftment & Women Empowerment

The Challenges

A CSR initiative of the Vodafone Foundation in the arid region of Bundi, Rajasthan (India), an arid region with rainfall deficit impacting crop cultivation and rural livelihood. The farmers did not have any farm data and were not following any activity schedule or best practices. The challenge was to introduce and successfully implement agricultural  technology  for rural and social upliftment.

The Solution

  • Farm digitization and farmer registration
  • Standardization of package of practices & crop stage monitoring
  • Alerts(pests, diseases etc) resolution and quick advisory
  • Harvest estimation
  • Project scalability defined with new & improved version of the application

The Result

  • 404 village households connected to technology and employment avenue created
  • 404 farmers (327 women) and 7 women field officers were trained for use of technology
  • Successfully helped women work out of their homes and become financially independent
  • 451 farm alerts raised and solved
  • Timely completion of 90% of field activities
  • 90 Metric Tonnes of harvest production
  • Harvest predictability mapped & crop stage monitoring done for the different varieties of Soybean sown.

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