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Explore our latest assets, all built from a decade of global agricultural experience and data. Dive into insights from 103 countries and discover solutions that cover the entire agri-value chain.

Guide to Using Climate Technologies to De-risking Food Supply Chain

Climate change is rapidly disrupting food production. This whitepaper urgently highlights the need to uncover new regions with the potential to cultivate the crop of your choice. Discover how Cropin's Regional Intelligence leverages its crop knowledge graph and advanced AI/ML models to empower stakeholders to navigate a changing world. Download our white paper to unlock data-driven insights for informed expansion strategies, build climate resilience, and secure a sustainable food future.

The Ultimate Guide to applications of AI in Agriculture

Download this product guide to discover the applications of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture. This guide will help you understand how AI/ML & remote sensing can help improve farming operations with predictive intelligence. Plus, this guide also explores Cropin Plot-level Intelligence and its AI models such as Crop Health, Disease Alerts, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to Climate Smart Adaptation for Agriculture

Download this whitepaper to uncover the potential of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) to combat the threat of climate change. The document will walk you through the impact of climate change on agriculture, CSA strategies that you can deploy to fight climate change, tools and approaches for implementing CSA, and technologies that can help you enforce smart-climate farming practices.
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