Revolutionising Agriculture from the Ground-up with Data

Cropin is at the epicenter of technological advancement in agriculture. Our mission is to help Countries, Enterprises & Growers with Technology & Innovation to solve for complex challenges in agriculture for today & tomorrow.

Our state-of-the-art farm management solution can help you,

  • Build a robust and flexible system for farm and farm data management
  • Obtain satellite and weather-based advisory for crop cultivation
  • Increase visibility over farm operations for higher agricultural productivity
  • Enable farm-to-fork traceability
  • Manage pest infestation and diseases effectively
  • Derive on-the-go crop reports and insights
  • Drive sustainable and climate-smart agriculture

and do much more…

Cropin is a trusted partner for many multinational enterprises, financial institutions, development aid agencies, and numerous governmental entities around the globe. Cropin has implementations in 15 Countries in Africa, digitizing 3 Million Farmers & 6 Million+ acres of farmland.

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Events Calendar for 2022-23


World Agri-Tech San Francisco 2022

March 22- 23, 2022

Cropin’s Sessions

Breakout Session

23rd March, 9 am - 9.40 am PT


Why is data diversity important to build intelligence into the smart farm of the future?

Hosted by: Cropin

Panel Discussion

23rd March, 2 pm - 2.45 pm PT

Food Transparency & Resilience Powered by Technology


Other Speakers: AtSource OLAM | FarmForce | Cultura | GrainChain | Pinduoduo

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Upcoming Events for 2022- 2023


World Agri-Tech South America 2022

June 28 – 29, 2022


APAC Agri-Food Innovation Singapore 2022

September 20-21, 2022


World Agri-Tech London 2022

October 26 – 28, 2022