Cropin at Agri-Food Innovation Summit 2022


26 - 28 Oct, 2022




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Cropin Cloud brings together multiple solutions across 


Applications for Digitization


Cropin Apps is an integrated portfolio of highly customizable apps and solutions that capture and digitise agri-data from the farm to the warehouse to the fork. These applications are designed to scale digital transformation across agriculture and allied industries including forestry, commodity, banking and insurance.


ML-ready data pipelines for enhanced analytics


Cropin Data Hub is designed to deliver the power of unified data by enabling interfacing with all agri-data sources from on-the-field farm management apps, IOT devices and drones, mechanization data from farming resources, remote sensing satellite information, weather data and more.   


Access to field-tested machine learning models


Cropin Intelligence enables access to over 22 of Cropin’s contextual deep-learning AI models to help agri-businesses with insights and predictive intelligence. Built using the world's largest crop knowledge graph, these models  work with a range of specific crop varieties, conditions, and locations.

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Cropin’s Agenda

Digital Transformation: Driving Technology Adoption & Scaling Digital Farming Platforms

Panel Discussion

26 Oct, 11.40AM SGT

Mohit Pande, Chief Business Officer, Cropin

Future of Sustainable Agriculture: Getting Digitization Right with Predictive Intelligence

Breakout Session

Hosted by Cropin

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Cropin’s Sessions

Breakout Session

23rd March, 9 am - 9.40 am PT


Why is data diversity important to build intelligence into the smart farm of the future?

Hosted by: Cropin

Panel Discussion

23rd March, 2 pm - 2.45 pm PT

Food Transparency & Resilience Powered by Technology


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