A Warm Hello from the CEO Desk

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1st January 2021 – Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO of CropIn Technology Greetings, CropIn family and well-wishers! I hope this message finds you hale and hearty.

2020 brought a rather unexpected and a strange end to what has been a very fast-paced, competitive and a progressive decade. As we move towards a new decade, CropIn believes this has put more faith into what we do as a company; empower lives through the power of technology and tackle bigger challenges.

CropIn birthed the vision of improving farmer livelihoods and it has ever since been consistently working on how better the vision can be achieved every day. This new decade will be no different for us and in fact, we are inching closer to achieving our aims and going past it.

Last decade, we harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics towards increasing productivity for agribusinesses, knowledgeability and per capita income of smallholder farmers, impacting over 4 million lives and digitizing 13 million acres of farmland across the globe. Our efforts have been lauded with various elite recognitions and acknowledged by the finest in the Ag sector and that is possible only because of sheer commitment and the zeal to go beyond the wall with our innovations.

As we look ahead and continue to innovate on our machine learning-based predictive models, we have our newest technological brainchild launching this year, ready to take over the AgTech space. We are also working on integrating every kind of technology implemented on the farmland into a single, unified system and push our boundaries to newer fields of AgTech. Our European presence is set to expand with a new establishment and a strong team at Amsterdam. CropIn plans to establish verticals such as Customer Success, Sales and Data Science at the new Amsterdam office, opening a plethora of opportunities in the European market through local channel partnership models. Along with the existing segments, CropIn aims to venture into newer pastures such as Telecom, Machinery, Plantations to strengthen AI and ML capabilities in those segments as well. The new decade has only just begun and the world is ours to bring the change we wish to see.

On that note, I would like to wish you a very happy new year to each of you. Here’s to more of optimism, productivity and positivity in this new decade!


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