Aakash Parekh Presents a Speech at ASEAN Foundation 2019 Conference

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September 2019- Aakash Parekh, VP - Europe and Asia of CropIn participate in ASEAN-China Regional Cooperation on Energy Transition and Climate Resilience conference held on August 28th, 2019 at Bangkok, Thailand. The conference is jointly organized by ASEAN-China Centre, Global Climate Change Initiative (GCAI), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand. Examining the climate change challenges and its negative effects on agriculture is the primary agenda of ASEAN-China Regional Cooperation on Energy Transition and Climate Resilience conference. Aakash presented a speech on “Disruptive Innovation to Help Scale Climate Finance” addressing the challenges faced by smallholder farmers due to sudden shifts in climate change. Indeed climate change is a current global issue, posing serious threats to farmers in rural areas and contributes to 80% of low agricultural productivity. In view of this fact, Aakash expressed his thoughts on how technological innovation can bring down the unpredictability in climate change and improve the adaptative capacity of farmers towards climate-resilient practices. “It was a great pleasure to attend ASEAN Foundation’s Conference 2019 and convene among visionary leaders and experts from different regions of South-East Asia.” http://www.geichina.org/en/asean-china-cooperation-on-energy-transition-and-climate-resilient-development-discussed-in-bangkok-thailand/ https://www.politico.eu/sponsored-content/farmings-future-belongs-to-all-of-us/ https://investorsking.com/refinitiv-partners-afgri-technology-to-give-farmers-access-to-banking-services/

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