CDC Group Names CropIn as an 'Impact Gamechanger 2021'

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February 2021 – Another accolade joins as a feather on CropIn’s hat as CDC Group names the AgTech pioneer as an ‘Impact Gamechanger’ for effectively utilizing digital technologies to address farming related challenges. CropIn has been chosen as one of CDC Group’s highest impact investments in the AgTech sector for leveraging technology to empower farmers.

CDC recently released an article on the range of innovations helping improve agricultural methods while integrating and enabling farmers with commercial supply chains. The article mentioned CropIn as a company taking a pioneering approach to improve smallholder farmers’ productivity and a specialist in software for agribusinesses. CDC termed CropIn as an innovator that ‘digitises’ the farm management process using technology such as satellite imagery analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor crop health remotely, make yield predictions, and then pass on these insights to farmers. The recognition comes as a seconding assertion on the path-breaking impact CropIn has made in the world of AgTech in the last decade.

CDC also mentioned studies showing a very promising 25 per cent increase in farmer incomes after the first year of utilising CropIn engineered solutions, and climate resilience in the agricultural practises improved by a whopping 92% for them as well.

Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO at CropIn was ecstatic and was quoted talking about the mention, “This is great news for CropIn and the statistics gained from the study on our impact puts a lot of faith into what the company stands for and works towards. CropIn will look to continue the momentum into achieving bigger goals that the company has set its eyes upon. CropIn would like to extend its warm regards and a heartfelt thank you to CDC Group for the recognition.”


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