Cropin and True Digital Solutions partner to Build Sustainable Agri-ecosystem in the Southeast Asian Agriculture

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August 2021

CropIn, the leading AI and Data-led Agtech organization, and True Digital Solutions have partnered to enable digital transformation in the agricultural ecosystem in Southeast Asia and strengthen farmers’ position as a backbone of the region’s economic development.

In tandem with the vision of True Digital Solutions, to build a unique ecosystem of digital solutions to offer a portfolio of innovative services to farmers, and enterprise markets, CropIn offers comprehensive solutions for the entire ecosystem aiming at the complete digitization of farmers’ data to ensure transparency, financial self-sufficiency and manage cultivation efficiently. Through this partnership, True Digital Solutions aims to impact 9,880 acres (25,000 rai) and 6 million farmers in Thailand.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Jitesh Shah, CRO, CropIn, said, “We are extremely delighted to partner with True Digital Solutions. Through CropIn’s solutions, we aim to support True Digital Solutions to bring inclusive innovation for sustainable growth to impact farmers in the Southeast Asia region. In the new world of digitization, our constant aim has been to provide unique and technological solutions to the agriculture space. Through this partnership, the industry will open avenues for a sustainable ecosystem and the multi-solution offering”.

“Agricultural sector has a significant economic impact for Thailand with over 5 million crop farmers. True Digital Solutions aim to lift up farming standards by leveraging farming innovative solutions to accelerate and standardize new farming processes to increase yield more efficiently and effectively. By partnering with CropIn and combining its technology with our existing digital innovation, we could strengthen our ability to create a sustainably growing digital farming ecosystem” added Mr. Ekaraj Panjavinin, MD, True Digital Group – Digital Solutions. 

The initiative aims to empower farmers of the Southeast Asia region by digitizing farm and farmer level data to offer intelligent insights on weather & PoP advisory, disease prediction and advisory, crop health, and yield estimation. True Digital Farming Solutions aims to utilize remote sensing data for crop production forecasts by using prescriptive and in-season analysis. The partnership also streamlines the supply chain management to bring in traceability, ensure effective farmer monitoring & evaluation, and even buyback produce from the farmers. To enhance farmer experience, True Digital Solutions also aims to provide drones services to farmers and offers financial and irrigation services by using remote sensing.


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