CropIn features in IDH’s Study on Farm Management Information Systems

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March 2020 – CropIn has been featured as one of the key solution providers in IDH’s (Sustainable Trade Initiative) study on Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS). The study highlighted CropIn’s value propositions and how it uses digital tools to serve a wide range of stakeholders, while keeping in mind the sustainability factor in the design and in business.

The study focused on how data is valuable across the agriculture sector and its usage needs to be evaluated for different stakeholders, and how anonymised data can be monetized by providing data analytics and other value-added services. The study introduced CropIn’s brainchild, SmartFarm and explained how the farm management solution can maximize per acre value through efficient data collection and analysis while acting as a knowledge repository for the farmer through the data collected. The study also focused on CropIn’s predictive and prescriptive solution, SmartRisk, on how the solution helps financial institutions and insurance companies mitigate risks while also helping them design more effective products, using ML and AI based algorithms.

IDH is an implementing NGO headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative) was established by the Dutch government in 2009 to help improve the sustainability of international supply chains.

IDH accelerates and up-scales sustainable trade by building impact oriented coalitions of front running multinationals, civil society organizations, governments and other stakeholders.
IDH is supported and endorsed by multiple European governments, including our institutional donors: BUZA (The Netherlands), SECO (Switzerland) and DANIDA (Denmark). Other donors and funders are (e.g.) NICFI (Norway). DFID (UK), USAID (US), Rockefeller, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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Cropin Grow (SmartFarm)

Cropin Grow is an enterprise app for Farm, Agronomy & Data Management offering actionable insights on farm productivity, input usage, land usage, crop health, weather, pest & disease, yield estimates, remote farm monitoring etc.

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Cropin Intelligence (SmartRisk)

Cropin Intelligence includes a suite of AI-powered solutions that uses deep learning to provide risk mitigation & forecasting intelligence based on historical data, weather insights, and ground truth data captured from the field.

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