CropIn Honoured at the MercyCorps AgriFin ALE Awards

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April 2021: CropIn is honoured and humbled to be declared as a winner in the AgriFin ALE Awards 2021 by Mercy Corps AgriFin under the ‘Building Regional Digital Ecosystems for Farmers’ category. CropIn was crowned as a winner for implementing digital technologies in India and around the world to expand partnerships and to provide solutions across 3 AgriFin countries namely Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

The company was also recognised for reaching out to more than half a million farmers, enabling institutions to leverage data analytics and data-driven services towards practising sustainable methods of cultivation.

Mercy Corps is a non-government, humanitarian aid organization operating in transitional contexts that have undergone or have been undergoing various forms of economic, environmental, social and political instabilities globally. The organisation has a diverse team of 5,600 team members across 40 countries working towards helping people facing the toughest challenges survive and move toward a stronger, more resilient future.

CropIn was  recognised for its immaculate work in digitizing farmlands, improving livelihoods and empowering farmers with modern technology simplified to their understanding by increasing yield efficiency and data-driven farm advisory.

Jitesh Shah, CRO of CropIn expressed his delight saying, “CropIn is honoured to receive this recognition from Mercy Corps. The partnership with the organisation has only empowered CropIn further towards making this world a better and more sustainable place to live through the use of modern technology. CropIn will continue to put in more efforts towards addressing the challenges that the future brings and help organisations build a better tomorrow. ”


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