CropIn Joins European Carbon+ Farming Coalition: 100 Mn Farmers Transitioning Toward Carbon Zero Nature Positive Food Systems

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June 2021: CropIn, a leading AI and data-led Agtech organization has joined the newly formed European Carbon+ Farming Coalition to accelerate progress towards the carbon neutrality goals of the European Green Deal. This initiative is catalyzed by the World Economic Forum’s CEO Action Group for the European Green Deal and is part of the emerging food and nature platform, 100 Million Farmers: Transitioning towards Net-Zero, Nature-Positive Food Systems. The coalition will be working towards decarbonizing the European food systems while maximizing benefits such as soil health and farmer resilience.

Today, Agriculture in Europe is responsible for 10 percent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. CropIn as one of the partners in the European Carbon + Farming Coalition, will take a farmer-centric approach and focus on increasing the uptake of regenerative and climate-smart agriculture practices, identifying the roadblocks to adoption, and designing solutions with economic, practical and ecological benefits to the farmers. It will also work to develop financial tools to empower farmers in managing transition risk and recommend the right set of farmer incentives.  This initiative aims to be a sizable contributor to Europe’s net-zero emission plan with the adoption of smart processes such as no-till, cover crop, and nutrient and manure management while maximizing other benefits such as soil health and farmer resilience.

Since soil is the second largest absorber of carbon, second to the oceans, it is important to adopt on-farm technologies to minimise the carbon emission. The transformation of the agricultural sector through the widespread implementation of technology-based farm management will prevent any further damage caused to the environment.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Krishna Kumar, CEO of CropIn, said, “Digital & Data-driven Platforms are key enablers in bringing large-scale transformation by engaging stakeholders, including farmers, that will join the program. CropIn is excited to be a part of the European Carbon+ Farming Coalition. Leveraging on our decade long experience of working in 52 countries with our agtech platform, we have been able to map the ag knowledge graph which will help us to contribute positively to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon world.

 We firmly believe that building a multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral platform to support the mission will make our planet a better place to live by addressing some of the complex challenges around Climate Change, Bio-diversity & Food Security. Farmers would be the key contributors to the success of the coalition and hence a data-driven adaptive solution would be of great value to support their transition towards sustainable & zero-carbon farming.”

The organizations partnering in the emerging European Carbon+ Farming Coalition currently are BASF, Bayer, CropIn, European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF), EIT Food, Hero Group, Planet, Swiss Re, University of Glasgow, World Economic Forum, Yara International ASA & Zurich Insurance Group.


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