CropIn Listed on the THRIVE 2020 Top 50 List

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March 2020 – CropIn is featured as a top AgTech innovator on the THRIVE 2020 Top 50 Scaling and Visionary Tech Companies for the second time in a row, at the THRIVE Innovation Summit which was held in March this year. The top 50 winners were selected among ~3,000 global technology companies.The event was attended virtually by the Agri industry’s top leaders including Stephen Censky, US Deputy Secretary of Agriculture. CropIn was selected as the top 10 companies under the ‘Complete Farm/Data Management’ category.



The SVG Ventures’ THRIVE Top 50 is an annual ranking of leading global AgTech and FoodTech companies exemplifying the best in agriculture and food focused innovation. This annual ranking showcases these exceptional companies who are pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. SVG Ventures is a leading agri-food innovation ecosystem, composed of food tech corporations, investors and universities working towards innovation in Agri and FoodTech. With a community of over 2,500 companies across 90 countries, the ecosystem accelerates and creates access for entrepreneurs to scale up globally. The Top 50 companies are selected by the THRIVE & SVG Ventures team in collaboration with EY, Corteva, Land O’Lakes, Driscoll Berries, Kubota, Taylor Farms, Trimble, Yamaha Motors to name a few. The listing is published by Forbes.

Commenting on the feature, Krishna Kumar, CEO, CropIn, said, “We are delighted to be featured as a top innovator in the AgTech sector for the second time in a row. The ranking adds to the strong faith that we carry in our solutions and further strengthens our determination to make an impact at scale. This recognition drives us forward to bring in more innovations and revolutionize the farming sector with futuristic technology.”



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Cropin Grow (SmartFarm)

Cropin Grow is an enterprise app for Farm, Agronomy & Data Management offering actionable insights on farm productivity, input usage, land usage, crop health, weather, pest & disease, yield estimates, remote farm monitoring etc.

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Cropin Intelligence (SmartRisk)

Cropin Intelligence includes a suite of AI-powered solutions that uses deep learning to provide risk mitigation & forecasting intelligence based on historical data, weather insights, and ground truth data captured from the field.

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