CropIn triumphs at the Better Cotton Innovation Challenge

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December 2020 – CropIn is declared a winner at the Better Cotton Innovation Challenge this year for its excellent innovation in contributing to sustainable cotton production. The business model of CropIn to address data-driven challenges faced in cotton production, impacting the cotton supply chain and scale up the production of cotton through AI and Data Analytics won CropIn the prestigious award.

The Better Cotton Innovation (BCI) is a global challenge in the pursuit of innovative solutions to practising sustainable cotton production around the world. The BCI impacts more than 2 million cotton farmers across the world through its initiative. The grand jury consists of an eminent and honourable jury composed of senior members from organisations such as Omnivore and Ag Funder, in addition to BCI, IDH and Dalberg representatives, evaluated the submissions and selected five finalists. CropIn’s solution was found to address challenges impacting significant factors of making cotton production sustainable, such as increasing the integrity of organic cotton at the start of the supply chain, efficient systems to identify data-collection points and ensure maximum productivity and implementation of sustainable practises in the production of cotton.

Kunal Prasad, Co-Founder and COO of CropIn, expressed his delight on the selection, “CropIn is very excited to be a winner of the BCI Challenge and would like to thank the Jury for acknowledging our innovation towards making cotton production more sustainable. This is a win-win for technology and the vision that CropIn has always worked towards since its inception.

CropIn has consistently been working on focussed and innovative solutions, from integrity standards and sector organization to organic cotton plant breeding. Previously, we have partnered with OCA on building a more prosperous cotton supply chain by increasing the integrity of cotton at the start of the supply chain through AI and Data Analytics. The experience from this partnership also is a testimony to our innovative capabilities. This win is a motivational boost for us to further strengthen our innovations and drive them to cater to the ever-changing needs in the cotton industry.”


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