CropIn Welcomes Agrizon as a Strategic Partner for Latin America

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August 2020 – CropIn has announced a strategic partnership with the US-based Agri FoodTech Solution, Agrizon. The partnership will prove to be a great boost towards ensuring successful implementations of CropIn’s solutions in the Latin American region.

Agrizon is an AgriFoodTech digital company with a focus on food sustainability through an agro-industrial ecosystem platform. Agrizon leverages artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning algorithms to enable clients to make informed decisions regarding fertilizers, shrimp feed, seeds, animal health, machinery, lubricants, types of equipment, spare parts, motorcycles, irrigation, crop protection and more.

The local marketspace understanding, access to market intelligence and assistance in overcoming the cultural and linguistic barriers in the Spanish speaking geographies are the major highlights of what the Agrizon partnership brings in for CropIn. Symbiotically, CropIn’s futuristic tech solutions and data-driven insights are going to further drive Agrizon’s presence in these markets.

Luis Fernando Hidalgo, President and CEO, Agrizon was quoted when referring to the partnership, “Agrizon is delighted to be partnering with CropIn. The company, in its 10-year plan seeks to provide an integral service to Agrizon’s users and farmers to support their crop business deeply. The Latin American region shares a very similar agribusiness culture with India and therefore the partnership with CropIn, who has a strong presence there, will bring scaling synergies in digital agriculture in a faster and more efficient way. The partnership brings in a more efficient online repurchase of inputs and harvests through data-driven techniques.

Through its regional expertise on farmer knowledge and crops, Agrizon will support CropIn in the Latin American region extensively. The user will need better learning of their field, so we can support them to adapt quickly on the Agrizon-CropIn platform, according to the real demand and priorities per crop.” he concluded.

Krishna Kumar, CEO and Founder, CropIn was quoted talking about the partnership, “The partnership with Agrizon will be a great boost to understanding the Latin American local markets better than ever. Agrizon’s support would be of vital importance in crossing the hurdles of cultural and communication barriers and expand CropIn’s global footprint through quicker and more successful implementations.”


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