CropIn Welcomes WaryFoods as a Strategic Partner for Latin America Region

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September 2020 – CropIn has announced a strategic partnership with Ecuador based food manufacturer, WaryFoods. The partnership will contribute towards further strengthening the technological capabilities in ensuring successful implementations of CropIn’s solutions in the Latin American region. WaryFoods and CropIn together will introduce traceability into Latin American agriculture and improve transparency in the quality of food in the market in a sustainable way.

Jose Antonio Proaño, CEO and Founder of WaryFoods, was quoted talking about the partnership, “CropIn’s solutions are extremely helpful in making crucial farm management decisions. The solutions are user-friendly and enhance the symbiosis that the planet shares with the human being. CropIn will allow us to connect the farmer with the consumer in a click. There is a pressing need to introduce traceability and create consumer awareness, and that’s why CropIn will be an important association for us.“

Speaking on why WaryFoods partnered with CropIn, he said “ Working with the best is what we always need to do. This partnership was thought-out with the same values and cultural applicability that we have in Latin America. This opens a big door to start working smarter for bigger results. This means that we have to go at a fast pace to start producing more, healthier, and cheaper to feed our world. Future generations will be grateful for what we can do today so they can harvest their yield efficiently and farmers can live a better life.”

Krishna Kumar, CEO of CropIn was quoted. “CropIn would like to welcome WaryFoods as its regional partner in the Latin American region. CropIn believes the partnership will bring great value and will play a pivotal role in expanding our footprint in the Ecuadorian geography while bringing positive changes in Latin American agriculture, introducing traceability and its benefits to the local agri markets and agribusinesses.”


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