Founding Day At CropIn: The Celebration of a Decade of CropIn

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August 2020 – CropIn recently celebrated its Founding Day, commemorating 10 years of CropIn’s presence in the AgTech sector. The celebration took place over a virtual interactive meet with Krishna Kumar, CEO and Founder, addressing the entire CropIn team and expressing gratitude and appreciation while highlighting some of the major milestones over the decade of CropIn’s existence and shedding light on the CropIn’s future roadmap. Kunal Prasad, COO and Co-Founder of CropIn also congratulated the team and shared his experience over the years of CropIn’s existence and a few of the earliest members and veterans of CropIn shared their CropIn stories as well. The interactive meet ended with a musical performance from the CropIn team.

CropIn has grown from a small bootstrapped single-room office to becoming one of the leading AgTech companies, having experience working on 387 crops and identifying 9,800+ crop varieties through projects in more than 52+ countries. The company was started with the vision of improving farmer livelihoods by Krishna Kumar and Kunal Prasad and at present, the company has been able to positively impact the livelihoods of over 2.1 million farmers and digitized 6.1 million acres of farmland. Over the 10 years, CropIn has revolutionized agriculture with disruptive smart solutions. The coveted associations, awards and recognitions and the happy testimonials that CropIn has garnered over the years through the application of its path-breaking solutions speaks of the journey so far.

Krishna Kumar, the CEO of CropIn was quoted saying, “I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the journey of CropIn for their valuable contributions and for making CropIn what it is today. Together we have achieved many milestones and there are many more to achieve in the years to come. CropIn will continue to strive towards higher achievements and the vision of bettering the agri ecosystem will always drive us to do more than before”.


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